Ava Conway
Ava Conway asked:

Why is this books so boring?

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I mean Ahem...
This book isn't boring!
It's really really really awesome!
I love the creativity and magical plot!
It's totally awesome!
I mean I don't know what you like to read and all
But this book is awesome!
I don't know if you gave it a chance,...
But when I saw it on the shelf at the bookstore
I just had had had to buy it..
And once I bought it..
I read it in the car..
Kept reading it when I got home..
Was still reading and skipped dinner for it..
Still read till my eyes got puffy from squinting in the dark..
This book is a page turner...
So you should really give it a try!
Diana I totally agree! i love this book soooo much. I think everybody should read it it. its good for all ages and its just full of sooo much adventure and suspence. I love it!!!
Heres a quote:

“If Peter was nine, and a new boy came to St. Norbert’s Home for Wayward Boys who said he was ten, why, then, Peter would declare himself eleven. Also, he could spit the farthest. That made him the undisputed leader.”
― Dave Barry, Peter and the Starcatchers
Darryl All the action is contrived. All the characters are stupid and flat. This book takes two of the all-time best children's book characters (Peter Pan and Captain Hook) and ruins them. And on top of that, the promise of humor from Dave Barry never pans out.
Elise Rose This is one of my all time favorite books. It's absolutely amazing! Not boring WHATSOEVER.
FaZe Meme I know this is the most boring book ever
Daniel Jagiello Loved this book! A great prequel for the awesome Peter Pan we all know. So entertaining in each line read!
Sasha I disagree and think that actually, this book is quite interesting. If you do not like slow-paced books, that's okay, you do what you want to do. II am going to pretend this is not a rhetorical question (even though it definitely is) and answer it. If you find this book boring, try listing to the audiobook! Or watch the play adaptation! Seriously, this book is one of the best out there. Mary teeth green and happy reading, Sasha.
Andrew I couldn't disagree more. I gave it 4 stars.
Deb This book is far from boring and my students love it!
Nova It really depends on what you deem as boring. Some people may think your favorite book is boring, while others think it is amazing. Everyone has different tastes. Personally, this is my favorite book ever, but my best friend thinks its the most boring thing in the world.
Phoebe In my opinion, this is an amazing book. I don't think it's boring:)
Sadie Cahill Because it's not exciting. DUH. But that's only for some certain people's minds
Kayla The book may seem REALLY boring in the beginning, but it gets better. Trust me; I was about to abandon the book when I first started reading it.
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