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Just wondering what Americans (or any non-UK) folk think of these books? They are very British in its humour and style

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Silvio111 I am not British but have been an Anglophile all my literate life and I love these novels. Most of my confusion is about police matters, not British stuff. I confess all the talk of the A40 road (or whatever) leave me clueless, but I don't mind a bit.

And I am glad the publishers are not "AMERICANIZING" the versions available to us in the U.S. I HATE when they do that. Being exposed to new stuff is one of life's small joys.
Alice I'm American and I adore these books partly because they're so very British.
Lucy I love this series. I do, however, have to look up some of the slang and police jargon which I haven't found in previous British books. I wish the American publishers would add a glossary for these.
zendegy I'm American and absolutely love the books, though I have been a lover of British television and many book series since childhood, I do think that, anyone reading them who had no exposure to British slang, might miss some things, but I don't think it would preclude them enjoying the books, as I think the characters and storylines have universal appeal.
Veneda I love these books! You are right, though,they are very British. I find that listening to British books is the answer. It's so much better to have a British voice putting all the correct inflections and flavor in the reading. So much more fun.
Allison As an American reading these books, I actually enjoy the falls down the rabbit hole I get to experience when researching random phrases, places or events.

And let me tell you, reading "Whispers Underground" while visiting London and traveling on the Tube took reading this series to a whole new level for me...I was sorely tempted to go exploring!
Wdmoor Mr. Aaronovitch's books are wonderful reads...witty,very human and fascinating.
Pamela Riek I am Californian and I have watched my share of BBC. I can hear the British accent and humor in my head as I read. Love the flavor. I have to look up things now and then. I had to look up "glaikit" meaning stupid, foolish, not very bright, thoughtless, vacant. (He was talking about a certain strain of sheep.)
Rebecca Here's the thing: over here in the US, we have traffic jams, police, bad architecture, Doc Martins, and most importantly jazz. That said, most of the humor is fairly comprehensible, even to us. :P
Rachel St. Clair I've really enjoyed looking up the towns, rivers, slang, and mythology that are new to me. I'm glad Aaronovitch hasn't sacrificed the wonderful voice of this series to make concessions to international "accessibility." That's what internet searches were made for!
luna as a connoisseur of all things across-the-pond, and a lover of British humor, I absolutely adore this series!
Rick I love 'em, and so do many other Americans. Lots of us really do love British humor, I swear. :)

In fact, I'm currently reading Mike Carey's Felix Castor series, bought from Amazon USA, and it's slightly jarring how the editorial staff seem to have localized words, phrases, and references to be recognizable to Americans. Or maybe it's the same in the British editions as well, in which case it would mystify me even more.
Goldenwattle I'm Australian. Love this series. I have no problem with the humour or language, as it is English for goodness sake. I have even visited some of the places mentioned. Last year in fact.
Paul Tilley New book out in a few months it seems!
Ryan Ziegler The books are good enough to be read everywhere.
Dustpuppy Though I'm a dedicated Anglophile, I struggle with some of the slang, but it is so delightful to read books with subtle references to works by Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, probably Neil Gaiman ... and Doctor Who, albeit the Matt Smith years.
Sophia I am from Sweden. I have been to London many times. Also we watch alot of british telly here and I am a geek. So I follow all the references, but it is hard sometimes with the police matters, like the hierarki and stuff. The roads I get, but I don't know where they are, but get if it is like a highway and direction. Also some of the slang. Kosher for me is strictly food rules and we don't use it here.
Anuschka Conoci I am Swiss but a huge London fan and I love how I see all the places right in front of me cause I already have been there often plus his British humour is so awesome and how he complains about special London stuff like how they plan the city layout and so on.

I read a lot of bad receptions on Amazon but I think those people would also not get along with English people if they don't understand this books.
Glen I like figuring out Britishisms, but two in this book were a bit distracting for me. I still gave it 5 stars. See my review for details.
❆ Crystal ❆ I love the humor in these books! I am enjoying very much. I have been a BBC fan for 20+ years and I love British humor. The style of writing works as well. The only - only - only issue I have with the series is that the "magical" parts are getting a little far out there as the series goes along.... especially with Foxglove Summer.
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