Is there any way I could find out if this was turned into a movie.. High school demands it!!

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Samuel Edwards With all due respect, if you can't even read the entire description of the book here on Goodreads (which clearly states that it was made into a movie), then it is no wonder you need to cheat in your English class. I weep for the future.
Michelle I realize this question was posted a year ago, but it’s great question – and it deserves a thoughtful answer. First of all, yes - it was turned into a movie. My favorite version is the one starring Gregory Peck as Atticus. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are people outside of the US, and even regions of the US that aren’t familiar with this classic novel – or the many film adaptations. Additionally, southern culture, history, and dialect can take some getting used to – especially if you’re experiencing it for the first time. By all means, use the film to help bridge that gap.

Often, film adaptations can be a wonderful tool to help students move to a higher level of literary skill. In my experience, there is a great deal to be gained by combining books and film. I had an opportunity to work with a high school senior struggling to understand “Pride and Prejudice”. He was ready to throw the book through the nearest window until I had him watch the six hour BBC film version. Watching the film was paramount to his eventual reading success. He explained that when he first started reading the book, it was like reading a foreign language, and because of that, he could never grasp the plot – let alone keep all the Bennet women straight. However, after he watched the film, he understood the plot and could visualize the characters. He not only finished the book, but he had wonderful insights in his essay critique.

Another benefit of film is to compare and contrast. I love having students describe how they saw the characters in their mind versus how the actor portrayed the character. I encourage them to find the missing parts. If the film missed sections of the book, how did they feel about it? What would they have done differently? Just so you know, most young people I’ve surveyed are still indignant that Peeves the Poltergeist was left out of the Harry Potter films.

We want youth to think critically about literature, and we shouldn’t limit the ways that develop those skills. If a student is a strong auditory processor, they should listen to recorded books. Dyslexic students fall into this category - they should absolutely be listening to books AND watching films. It’s not cheating. It’s smart. If you want a student to become a wonderful literary thinker, give them every tool and avenue into the world of stories – including films, plays, and music. We cheat our youth if we do anything less.
Heather Prescott Or you could read the book - far fetched idea I know
Joseph What did the Google search "To Kill A Mockingbird Movie" reveal?
Oksana It has been 11 months since you posted your question. However, if you still have not read the book, I highly recommend the audio version of the book read by Sissy Spacek. I know quite a few kids who have reading disabilities. We usually listen to the books on tape with them.
Bookworm54 Yes, and I don't think anyone could possibly be a better Atticus than Gregory Peck!!!
Sabina I don't understand the 'spiteful' answers to this. He/she is not saying they want to watch the movie as a shortcut/instead of reading the book...
The movie must be worth watching, starring Gregory Peck, you can easily find it on Amazon. For some reason, while reading the descriptions of Atticus, I pictured exactly that actor.. I don't think I've seen the movie, as I would remember it! Then it must be that Peck was just the perfect choice. I'm going to watch the movie too!
Jim G Scout would have totally skipped reading the book and would have gone to the summary and Cliff Notes.
Teddy Bear Books It's a movie, but I think you or anyone else wondering the same thing will find more pleasure in reading this book. It's a classic, but not one written in complicated writing and with a boring, slow story. I loved this book so much, and hope to read it at least one time each year.
Mike Horne I have to ask--did you only watch Lord of the Rings and not read the book? Books are always better!! Even comic books are better than movies. I teach a Film Studies class at high school. And I love films. But books are better.

That being said what a great movie this is. Horton Foote wrote the screenplay (He also wrote A Trip to Bountiful). Movies are sometimes better than plays.
Vineeta Koparde Yes it a movie and is as good as the book for a change. Worth watching
Olivia💙 This was posted 3 years ago, but, (you being a high-schooler and all), should know that YOU NEVER WATCH A MOVIE BEFORE A BOOK.
James Bellows Seriously!! Read the book
Tessa in Mid-Michigan The movie leaves out the funniest chapter--one of the funniest episodes I have ever read. Not to be missed.
๓คץค- Yes, this is a movie now. iTs a super great movie and is directed by Robert Mulligan. Its got some awesome actors like Gregory Peck and was made in 1962. The movie is available on amazon. Its really good. :)
Hope this helped!
Alie please read the book i had to read it for high school and it ended up being one of my favourite books of all time
Bob Marshall The Black and White film (starring Gregory Peck as Atticus) cameout very soon after the book, I saw it on television about 15 years ago.
There was also a stage version which toured the UK several years ago (I saw it in Bradford, my elder brother saw it in Richmond, London, and my younger brother saw it it in York).
It is worth reading the book and then periodically re-reading it.
Ara yes it was a movie. you could probably find it at the library
Shawn Why did i always think this book was written by Abraham Lincoln?
maddie (I understand that this was posted 5 years ago but this is for anyone else with the same question) This is my favorite book, and I'm 18 years old (16 when I read it for the first time). Just because it's labeled a "classic" doesn't automatically make it boring. I would highly recommend it. It may seem a little dull at first, but the story is well-worth the time it takes you to actually read it.
Emily Zell Yes it is a movie, and while I do like the movie, I must say To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book of all time. Please read it. You will not regret it.
Henry Lunz I'd actually read that book
Greg You could search for it on Netflix or wiki (but don't trust wiki even if they say it's a movie).
Summer Read the book! As good as the movie is, it pales in comparison to the book. The movie cuts, changes, and diminishes many of the important characters, plot points, and other things that you will need for English class ( former teacher talking). While movies can help you "get" books, you will lose a lot by only watching the film. Even though Gregory Peck is wonderful as Atticus Finch and the movie is a classic. ( I realize this post is old but still worth noting.)
Bibliomystic It would have taken you less time to type "to kill a mockingbird movie" into Google than it did to type this question. Ye gods.
Thela I hink you have had sufficient answers to this puzzling question.
Readman I have heard from some sources in the industry that there was a film in development. It was set to release in spring this year, however Marvel Studios secretly bought the entire project and cancelled it on the spot as to not interfere with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The plot of the two films would have been too similar and with the Mockingbird being the better antagonist, it would have surely overtaken all sales.
Ed Boyle A great movie, won the Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Art Direction, and Best Writing Adaptation. The book, my favorite of all time, and the movie, also one of my favorites, are well worth the time. Oh, there are strategic differences between the two so if your question is related to enjoying both art form you will appreciate my comment. If not you may have a problem explaining the "F" on your paper.
Sarah You should read the book but there was a movie adaption made in 1962 with Gregory Peck.
Jennifer Terry There are a lot of things that the movie left out.
Jon Marble Sr go to Turner Classic Movies. Channel 245 in the Clinton Ma area.
Carolyn OMG -what an awful question. Yes, go find the movie and watch it, but remember that no movie is as compelling the book. Read it and join the world of culturally literate adults you are trying to scam. It is more than worth your time.
Nina yeah it was turned in to a movie,I'm pretty sure it on Netflix! also sorry about all the mean comments you've been getting :(
Julie Snell The movie version from 1962 is wonderful but of course, the book is even better. Currently there is a play adaptation on Broadway starring Jeff Daniels which is getting rave reviews
maya ♡ There is a movie but the book is amazing and has many important lessons. I would have read it even if it wasn't required!
Gavin Abdollahi Yeah, it has a movie. Really old though.
Janelle Elyse Yes it was turned into a movie. It is an oldie. The director's name is Robert Mulligan.
Sienna acording to my english teacher, the movie is only lightly based upon the book.
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