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Is a dog harmed in this book?

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Kayla A great resource for this topic is In response to the other commenters -- yes, this is an upsetting trigger for many people. And no, that fact does not minimize the tragedy of the death of humans. The graphic description of 2 dog deaths in this book will deter many readers, myself included.
StarMarie2529 This was a serious question. I have a friend who is very triggered by the death or harm of dogs specifically and I was trying to help them avoid that trigger. She is upset by the violent death of any animal but dogs in particular are the worst for her. I appreciate everyone's help and I am working on curating a list of horror for her that she can enjoy.
Aeolan Kelly Yes, and other animals are too. It was hard to listen to, and I nearly turned off the audiobook a few times. There are also many descriptions of elk being brutalized. I'd say overall, this is a rough book if you're an animal lover, and I'd probably avoid it altogether if descriptions of harm to animals is a trigger. The parts with the elk are generally in a context of hunting, but they still disturbed me quite a bit, especially the parts that describe a mother and baby.
north Yes. And is described graphically after.
Sophia Pap. Can anyone tell me around which page this happens, so I can skip it?
Moira Yes, do NOT read this book if that is a concern.
Diane Johnson If you're sensitive to animals being harmed, then don't read this book. Yes, dogs are part of the body count in this one. As are elk, the catalyst that stirs the pot.

It's a great piece of horror fiction (so far) though.
Katy Whittingham I'm glad to know this as I won't read it now. I just can't handle that either.
Greg Yes, but far more people are harmed. And I've heard about dogs and other animals hurting themselves like this, so I guess it really does happen. Yes, a dog is harmed in a way we would refer to as accidental suicide. A person/owner does not harm the dog. Better tell your friend not to read Wizard of OZ (when Toto is kidnapped, I was terrified!). Joking aside, yes, I get there are certain triggers that readers stay away from. I do NOT read horror novels that are satanic, so that means I don't read any political books.
Barbora Is this a serious question? Would you care as much for a harmed cat? If not, why?
Emilia Hernandez Why do dogs get harmed in these kinds of books!?
Trisha There are at least 2 separate parts where dogs are harmed but the description and them being found happens over and over - so I'm not sure how/where to point out to skip. Just be cautious in the story about Lewis and with the sweat tent.
Meika Yes. It's graphic and horrible and integral to several key scenes. It was very traumatic to read it.
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Todd I remember this one time I was at Mardi Gras, down on Bourbon Street, and this crazy dude just started stabbing people. He was going wild. I was like "whoa yo, this cat is wild!" He stabbed a lady in her neck. He stabbed a child's eyeball out. He stabbed a guy in the groin, twice. I yelled to my friend "snap, this mfer going buckwild!" But then he stabbed a person's support dog... and I looked at my friend and we both nodded, "yo bro, we gotta send this son of a bitch to his grave!"
Doug Oh boy, are there!
Randy Foster Yup, in two sections, graphically described each time.
Grace Yes. Brutally and graphically. I have a strong stomach to horror and gore, and the picture it put in my head was…something else.
Charlene Hardin
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Laurie Many. Many, many....
Bob Mccaffrey I didn't think it was very graphic and it's fiction after all, no dogs were harmed here..
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