Arielle asked:

is this book depressing?

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Craig No more than life itself.
Matt Channing If that's your worry, you're going to miss out on a lot of very good books.
Brock Beauchamp I don't believe it's depressing in its exploration of humanity. While the "here and now" is depressing, the slow strides toward a better future are apparent. I felt the book did a good job of showing that while humanity may take an occasional step backward, its people will ultimately break through and progress will begin again, no matter how tyrannical the current situation may be.
Norma Allende The ending depressed me. I wanted more. Juliana left the Abendsen home, and? What happens next? Seems to me that the story doesn't finish at all. I found that depressing.
Christopher (Donut) It's not depressing. It's schizophrenic.

As a fan of the book, I have to set aside everything I know about it in order to enjoy the TV series at all.

But in terms of evil triumphing over good, or hopes being crushed, no... it's not depressing.
Sue Sadly, this book describes what may lie ahead in the Trump era
Amy Delachica Yes,..a little, but If you read about the author he is a fairly tragic figure himself. I read this book bc of the Amazon series; I wanted to find out how it ends, but the book is VERY different than the series. The characters are all much more dramatic and even different races than in the book.
Chuck Slaughter No. But it is disappointing.
Fran No- it just sucks:)
Ron +1 for disappointing
Shannan I think it is a timely read and also a snapshot of the time it is written, the attitudes, the head space of women. I think he opens the western reader of the '60s to a look at some aspects of Asian thought/concepts that they would not have previously had. Especially wu. There is no resolution at the end in some ways but there are 'happy endings' in others so you are not left feeling unsatisfied.
Scott I could be...but then...
a 'depressing' read is something attached to any story by the reader not the book.
Read a story about someone finding a pot of gold:
one reader is engaged in all the character does with it
while another reader gets depressed because s/he doesn't have any gold.

Not sure if that helped...sorry about that.
Dierregi Update; the TV series derailed pretty badly. The last two seasons moved in a completely different world than the one of PK Dick. If they wanted to do their politically correct revision of a parallel world dominated by the Nazis, they could have chosen an original path and leave this novel alone.

It felt unfinished. I was left wanting to know much more about the characters. Luckily they started a most interesting TV series based on the original characters, but with more development.
Tony Philpin Yes, almost, as there are too many echoes with contemporary society
Enric It's a difficult reading, for sure. Specially given certain parallels to today's world.
I wouldn't read it if I were depressed.
Eric It's about to become reality
Lauro Not at all. It is quite bleach but I've found it, as a whole, rather optimistic.
Greg Yes, a bit but also very interesting and well written.
Sammy It is set in a dystopian world so parts of it are challenging. I think it is a great story and a must read.
Jean Jessup No, it's just confusing & dated, especially in 2020.
Bret Hann No. I didn't find it so.
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