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I have yet to read anything by Rick Yancey. Reading the summary of The 5th wave, i'm really intrigued. But i've heard some mixed reviews about this book and the sequel. Is it worth reading?

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D You should read the first couple chapters and find out. I have noticed people either can't put it down after the first section or they put it down forever. I love it, personally, but if you end up not loving it that is okay! Taste is what makes people unique.
Zeina Hezzah You should definitely read it!! I bought the book just cuz i had seen one of my friends reading it and once i started i couldn't put it down!! I literally finished the book in 2 days!! TRUST ME IT'S GREAT!
Julie I finished this book on Saturday and immediately went to the library to check out the second book in the series. I would describe the book as Ender's Game mixed with the Host, (but with less romance). I agree with other posters that the way the author switches between different characters is a little confusing at the beginning but it starts to make sense really quickly. Its definitely worth a read in my opinion!
Rosie I'm currently reading this book (I'm a little more than halfway through) and I am enjoying it so far. I am someone who struggles with some YA titles ("I can't do anything because... a boy! Waaah!"), but so far this one is pretty interesting. I like the multi-character POV because if you hate one character you aren't stuck with them the entire book. If you read the synopsis and it sounded cool, read it :)
Cailyn M I personally think it's definitely worth reading. It can be confusing and hard to follow but you will understand it all by the end. Give it a go.
Valerie Dieter I absolutely LOVED it! But I'm a YA teacher / librarian and a dystopian fan so it's up my alley. It may not be your thing.
Jd God I hope you didn't
June Schneider A big fat giant YES!!
Eminstitches For me it didn't grab me right at first, but after about 70 pages or so I was absolutely hooked. It starts mostly with history about the various waves, which moves a bit slow. Once it gets more into the present, it is fast-paced and a good balance of action, character building, and relationships. I enjoyed the multiple POV, but I like books like this which allow me to experience from different perspectives. There are a few plot lines that you can fairly well guess, but there were several parts that surprised me as well.
Rouhallah Korhani Shirazi I have not read anything by Rick Yancey .Reading the summary of The 5th Wave I am really interested , but i think it is a bit bitter and disappointing.I will read it, and try to find the reasons of this bitterness.
Greta This book sometimes gives the impression that it is based in the first four waves, but it is not. It briefly describes the first four waves, but (given the title) this book is based on the fifth wave where Cassie wants to find her brother because they have been separated and their parents.... yeah. Overall you should read it, because it's really good. If you still aren't sure - and you're the kind of person who doesn't mind doing this - you could watch the movie first and go from there.
Chloe The 5th Wave, in my opinion, is one of the greatest new books that has been released in quite a while! I have yet to read the last of the trilogy, "The Last Star", but I am seriously looking forward to reading it!! The first two books were Great but, like always, I liked the first book the best! I Need to figure out what is going to happen at the end of this exciting series!
Peter Merrill the theme of the book is in no way original and its development was "extended" much longer than necessary (so as to qualify as a novel and not a short story)). I am not sure to read the sequel whose development theme could have been, easily, part of the main book.
Theo Meyer I was literally sooo engrossed in this book I read it a day, then read it again. (I was on a car trip, I had a lot of time)
The book is super awesome in my opinion.
Richard Bate Fast paced and exciting with a good story line. The movie is different from the book but not so different that it lost the storyline.
Celestia England I started reading it and the fist bit I didn't really like but then it got better and better... Really it only got better!
Annie Laube I believe it is, but every person's reading preferences vary. I'm hooked. I began shortly before Christmas and after about the 4th or 5th chapter, I've had a hard time putting it down. I like that it switches between each character.. I'm not quite used to that, but that's my own doing. :) I would advise seeing if the library has it, and at least trying the first few chapters.
Jamie I just picked up this book, but so far its worth it yet with some confusing places, based on your resdjng difficulty. But you should try it, if you havent already. Theres a movie comjng out in January 2016!! Stay tuned!
Anneke Iten yeah, awesome. A little confusing, but you go through

India Anker YES read it, it's amazing
Julia Hörmayer For me, it's ok but not a must read. If you read the Host and are searching for something on the some level - don't read it.
If you like fast-paced action mystery books, you could give it a try.
Shelby I read the book awhile ago and it took me awhile to get into the book, but after I started really reading it it was one of the most interesting books I've ever read. I really recommend it!
Des I absolutely loved Rick Yancey's series so far. I have no hope that I will last till 'The Last Star' release. I need another good read that has a similar story line, atleast a decent dystopian young adult novel with a good OTP! Any recommendations? Message me! :)
Suzette I'm not a young adult but this book along with the sequel were in my opinion great books. I read them back to back in two days. I enjoyed the premise and the characters. I'm even trying to see if my 16 year old will read it.
Brenda Baird Solidly in the "couldn't put it down" camp.
Like D says...try the first few chapters,and you will know.
Carla I'm currently reading the second book. I really enjoy the story. A couple of times (especially in the second book) I got a little confused on which character was narrating, although I think it's purposely written that way. I can't put it down.
Nathan idk I haven't read it yet either
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