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Is she just milking money out of this series? I want to read it but it's 30 books now the only question i have is there any LDBTQIAP+ rep?

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Mullen Natalie This is not milking money. We like those people and we love the stories. There are several writers with your kind of taste in sex. I am hetero and I read hetero stuff. Other people are gay they like gay stuff. And the list goes on. You can find out by reading what Characters are mentioned in a description of a book. It is just that easy.If it is not to your taste look for something else. That is what I do, and many other people too. If she decides to make a book like what u r looking for, it will be known. I will skip that.
Joan This is a beloved multi-book series that many of cherish.

Why can't authors write what they want? I am very glad the author sticks to her original vision rather pander to show how “woke” she is or for political correctness. The Carpathians are on the brink of extinction and trying to re-populate. Writing in characters just because they are gay would certainly qualify as "milking the series."

This is a m/f PNR universe, which I prefer to read exclusively. Instead of trying to bully or shame the author into writing themes you want, move on. There are plenty of series/authors who meet your specifications in writing gay characters/romances.
Michael Bemiss The introduction of Ferro in Dark Promises forms a strong and distinctive character, I am eager to read this one
Shanna Albert Yes she is. I stopped at 9. They were repeats with different names. No rep at all.
DK Altman It is a good series with a lot of variety. She does not write directly to your last question but she does not exclude those characters.

Read the special edition of the first book, Dark Prince and see if you like it. Every book has unique characters while still carrying a world arc throughout.
Amanda Bhear There are so many characters still in there that you wonder about. I think that is what I love about the Dark series. There is always so much more in there that you just wonder what's going to happen. Like to Joseph or Gregori's daughter's. Or if he will become lifemate to one of them like Skyler joked about in Dark Wolf when they were talking about how much trouble they were going to get into for going to save her lifemate, Dimitri. Joseph just shuddered & pretty much asked her to not even suggest such a thing, & curse him or something in that order. I think there are still many more to explore!
Christy Lynsay Sands is great, and Sherrilyn Kenyon has a book with 2 male characters as the heros. I highly recommend it. She mostly write M/F, but has included other representation. When she wrote the book, I felt like it was really well done, even for fans who are hetero and mostly read hetero romances.

In some respects, I do think she has milked the series for money, but I felt like the last few releases she was starting to come back around, but has introduced yet another story arc.

The main issues I have is that it seems like the story arcs get lost, and she lost the point. I feel like the series has gotten way too convoluted, and shes added in yet another story arc with this one.
EJ Wake While the main characters themselves are not, there are minor characters that are. Dark Destiny had a gay couple in the book. That is not to say that she won't do something like this in the future for the main characters, but as far as we know, the Carpathian Species does not work like that. Only time will tell.

But don't expect her to write too heavily on something she might not know anything about. There are levels of bullying, prejudice, and stereotyping that comes with race, sexuality. etc. Writers tend to write on things they know, and if she has never experienced things (i.e. being ostracized for being homosexual or alienated for her race/religion), she would not feel comfortable writing a character that has been through those experiences nor would she be able to write a believable story. Until she in the thick of it, it's best if she writes what she knows for everyone to enjoy.
Maria I personally don't think that she's milking money from the series. Some books can have a "samey" feel, and because of the premise this is not totally unexpected. However I've enjoyed most of them.

This is a M/F series, and again, because of the premise that makes sense. With the Carpathian males loosing their emotions and ability to see color around their 200th birthday, the only one that can restore that is their female lifemate. She's the light to his darkness.

I don't mind representation of other sexualities, but I look to other authors or another book series for that.
Melissa I think she has some books that are better than others but I think she still has stories to tell in this world so I don't think it is milking money.

I am not sure I am 100% sure what all the letters you asked about stand for but I don't think she has any as main characters in this series but since it is based on the male having the darkness and the female the light I am not sure it would work into that premise. Some of her other series do though.
Jasper Scierri Honestly I don't think she's milking money out of the series but the pacing and quality of her work has certainly declined in my opinion. While she has confirmed the existence of queer Carpathians, there is absolutely no mention of anything in the books. In fact everything about their existence is so explicitly to the contrary that it feels almost insulting. You're better off reading a different author if you're looking for queer rep whilst sticking to the same genre. I'd recommend Lynsay Sands.
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