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I just finished this, and I'm now reading the second "judas...". But I still do not understand why the novel was called "Pandoras Star", since it was never even mentioned in the book. Is it because of the well known story about Pandoras Box or something? Can someone please help me? :)

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Amber Yes, it is an allusion to Pandora's Box. Pandora was given a jar as a gift and told never to open it. Naturally, being a human being, she was curious and she opened it anyway, and as a result, unleashed evil into the world.

In this story, the metaphorical "box" is a star, and the title of the book is a pretty strong foreshadowing that something bad is going to happen when curious humans explore the star and start messing around with what they find there.
Michael Bennett
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Divya Pal Singh A rapacious alien species was imprisoned inside the Dyson Pair. Curious humans cannot tolerate a status quo, so, in the hope of finding some sort of treasure they opened up this galactic jail - letting loose a plague across the stars. Hence the allusion to the Hellenic Pandora.
Friedrich Haas Yes, and it was Pandora's Jar, a mistranslation. If you know the Greeks, jar makes more sense than box. Also, some time back, decades, was a novel called "Pandora's Planet", where an alien invasion sets us loose upon the universe. Humans emigrate in specific groups, ethnicities, and proclivities, which happens here as well. Planets for industry, Germany, African Nations, suburbia's, etc.. Earth and Dyson Prime are both the opened jars, though the name suggests just Dyson prime.
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