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Is there a reason why the town people don't pack up and move out, or do they just not want to leave? I can't remember if there was any.

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Cran Berry Straight up? No reason at all. Honest to god.
The only reason that makes sense is that the people in this book are idiots with no sense of self preservation. That includes the main characters. Because when magical sorcerers threaten to murder people in your town, smart rational people gtfo. No one in this book did that, i.e. no one in this book has sense.
Or maybe no one owns a car, who knows. *shrugs*
Ruth Mcauley I think there are several reasons:
1: Living in the town run by the Lynburns is supposed to bring prosperity and peace, even if someone is sacrificed to make that happen occasionally. They don't specify exactly what benefits the Lynburns of the past bestowed on the town but I get the impression that they somehow protected the citizens from the other evils of the world (poverty, illness, crime?) and it was seen as a golden time, as long as you weren't the one getting sacrificed.
2: People not wanting to abandon their property, houses, goods and businesses with little chance of selling them to an outsider.
3: Some villagers are evil, so enjoy the power and association of the Lynburns.
4: They think the Lynburns might track them down and punish them for leaving
5: They might be under a spell that stops them, but this is never clarified... they do seem to struggle to talk to people on the phone who are outside the town.
6: The characters who are heroes could not leave evil unchecked and just run away because that is not in their nature
7: Many families are split in their loyalties, so leaving would mean leaving half their relatives

I think basically it is a combination of these things, but I might have tried to run away anyway if I was a neutral random person in the town and not a hero or villain!

Shaina From what I gathered... they aren't able to? Does anyone remember when they tried to call someone out of the town, but the person outside was hearing something completely different to what was actually being said? Or am I thinking of another book lol.
Carolyn There was not a particular reason given, however the sense is that they are afraid 'the villain' will hunt them down even if they leave. Some feel the sacrifice is worth it to stay and others don't have anywhere to go.
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Sarah Oehmler The book says that there was a spell cast so they could not leave the borders of the town or communicate with others outside about what was going on.
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