Justin W
Justin W asked:

Why are reviews even allowed before the book is released?? How do we know this book is a 3.94 out of 5 stars? IT'S NOT EVEN RELEASED YET. STOP REVIEWING BOOKS THAT DON'T YET EXIST.

Isaac Some people have ARCs - Advanced Reader Copies. Basically early copies of the book that are given out by the publisher before the official release to drum up hype for the book.
José Rafael Calm down, Justin. You'll live longer.
Shaun Answer: Advance Review Copy
Nancy You do know books exist before their publish date right? As others said: ARCs.
R.J. Tennyson Calm the fuck down
John Amory If a book is listed, you can rate it. GoodReads doesn't give you a content test every time you mark a book "read" or give it a rating, so you can rate and list any book you want, whether you've read it or not and whether it's available or not.

I'm sorry the early ratings hurt you. I hope you have recovered fully and are in good health.
Joy Perry People such as myself belong to websites called NetGalley and Edelweiss,among others. Once a member you can request upcoming titles and the publisher decides whether to grant you an e-reader (kindle) copy of the book in exchange for your honest review. Check out both websites. Also there are other companies who you can sign up for their emails who will send you invites to read a book in exchange for your honest review, as well as some authors will do this. Also, Goodreads has Goodreads giveaways where you can enter to win kindle and print books, sometimes in advance of publishing dates. Hope this answers your question Justin.
Bronwyn Carnell Calm down and learn about ARCs
Suzi Sorry- I forgot to add to my review that I had an ARC from Netgalley.
Tesalonica what? not all reviews are from people who are given ARCs. some books have reviews from people who review the book without even reading it, because they are exited for it..... which is annoying for people who want to read REAL reviews of people who HAVE READ the actual book, ARC or not.
Deborah Advanced Reader Copies are the reason reviews are permitted before release dates. I don't doubt people take advantage of this system, but here's the thing, that's unrelated to release dates. People can rate released books without reading them, too. Don't conflate pre-release reviews with false reviews.
Michael You know what's funny is that people are all, "Advanced Reader Copies" and then you can go look at a book like Patrick Rothfuss's some day maybe in the future when the stars and planets are in alignment forthcoming third book in The Kingkiller Chronicle with the working title of 'The Doors of Stone' that has a 3.76 and this amazing review ( https://www.goodreads.com/review/show... ) by Patrick himself, and you start to think that, maybe, just maybe, people are actually reviewing books that no one has read yet.
Kathleen Bianchi Goodreads has many Giveaways. If there is a book you are interested in reading make sure you list it as a "want to read" you will than be notified when there is a giveaway available.
Yasmin Foster I think I also heard somewhere that some people use the star ratings to organise their 'to-read lists', don't know if that's true or not. A tad annoying if it is. Might explain the 400 + rating (unless that sort of quantity is normal for ARCs)
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