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I'm 10% done with The God Delusion: So far I am loving this listen. He mentions how being an atheist is the least tolerated thing to be in the US. Maybe slightly above child molesters? I hope? That we cannot admit to anyone we are atheists. True. Just bow your head and say grace, dummy!.

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Donna I live near my family's in laws who are religious and I do bow my head during grace. And I wonder how I raised a child who could grow up to accept such nonsense. Perhaps it is at least partially to get along too.
I am still listening to Dawkins. What I hate about most or all religions is the assumption that those of whatever religion are the chosen and if you don't believe you are less than and are damned. I suppose it is what keeps people in those religions, believing in a hereafter of some kind and that only the believers get to go. It makes me wonder if anyone of those so called believers actually read the Bible and all it's inconsistencies. They do pick and choose the parts to believe. Did they ever actually read the words and deeds of Jesus, in the case of Christians? The actions and stated beliefs of most who call themselves Christians lead me to surmise not.
Phillip Harben I'm raising my two children even-handedly. My son at 11 years old is a dedicated atheist and my daughter at 6 believes in God and the Bible. I spend time with them both and discuss the merits of their beliefs. I do not tell them what to think, only that they DO think.

When broken down as Dawkins does in this book, it seems infantile and impossible that there is a God or gods. Certainly, religion can be a comforting thing for those that believe, but it also green-lights terrible horrors committed by some of its followers.
Rod Horncastle Apparently Dawkins doesn't spend much time in the U.S.. Atheism is the majority. Look at the percentage rate of any U.S. town and how many are church goers? Usually it's around 20% or less.

Now look at the U.S. and see the amount of active pornography, violence, alcohol, crudeness, abortion clinics, humanistic educational centers etc. Is this stuff recommended by the religious? IT seems Dawkins has a problem separating those who are really agnostic church attenders (once or twice a year!) and those who are dedicated to their spirituality.
But to meet an honest atheist: now that's fun!

Donna you must live next to Billy Graham or Joel Osteen? OR is there a Mormon temple in your backyard? Most of America would applaud you for your atheistic efforts. Unless they are too busy being drunk and disorderly and using Jesus as a catch phrase.

I dare you to finish the God Delusion with just a little bit of skepticism. Many atheists are too busy drooling and cheering to apply the necessary thought to it. (hint: look for a flaw or two - or a ludicrous generalization, remember "Dawkins is supposed to be a scientist of the highest order. Hold him accountable.)
Irene Kessler My parents were atheists back in the 1930s. I thought I was too and claimed so. Because of a friend who gave me Shirley Mclains book - Out On A Limb- and because of her relentless path to find something to hold onto, I reconsidered. It took me a long time. I am no longer an atheist. I am Jewish by birth, but her book sent me into a spiritual life I am happy with. I honor the Jewish holidays, but my life is about loving everyone and being compassionate.
Timothy Morrison It doesn't matter who says what! What matters is reality ! Dawkins is merely an human! What can mere humans know? Nothing
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