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WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY. im crying ugh. why do yuo gitta be like dat 5? 8 was my favourite next to 9. i feel soo bad fer marina. ;( and does BK die or not?

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Danielle T
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Assirac i loved 8 as well. i loved the way that any time 4 and Sarah were about to kiss, he would just appear there. :)
i HATE 5. he is soooooo annoying.
Eragon10316 How dare you say BK is replaceable HE IS NOT REPLACEABLE EVER!!!! And I cried to 8 and Marina are my favorite and BK lives and is with sarah. I am on the next book just now so I only know a little and So far in this one book I have cried about once or twice IT IS SO SAD. One thing I want to know is in the last book do and of the garde come back to life for the last fight like is their something in their chest to bring back the 4 dead Garde member MOSTLY EIGHT I MISS YOU LOVELY LOVELY EIGHT. ALSO it is mostly 9's fault for Eights death because 9 couldn't shut his trap he JUST HAD TO SAY SOMETHING TO GET EIGHT KILLED AND THEN HE ACTED AS THOUGH NOTHING HAPPENED AND THAT IS WHY I NOW HATE 9 FOR WHAT HE DID TO EIGHT, I mean I get that is also A lot five's fault too but I hated Five from the start and like Six and sometimes the others I didn't trust him to were I guess you could say I kind of saw that coming ,I didn't see them taking Ella coming until they got to the dream and I hated not knowing what happened to BK too but he is alright and because I am not that far yet I don't know what you mean Jared and please don't tell me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Five is messed up. But I think he has some mental issues. Five is my favorite character. I know he killed Eight but he helped his fellow Loric in the end. John and Marina forgave Five. Five is a Garde after all.
Five being a bad traitor and Adam being a good traitor both change.
I love it.
Gavin nope he survives but yet is siverly injured

spoiler alert

they find more chemera than sarah goes off to mark how is doing they walk umong us online
Jared If bk dies there will be more chimera to take his place so I'm not worked as much about him. I'm worried about how they are going to rebuild an entire race out of only six (or seven, if you know what I mean!) Loriens!
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