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A friend of mine told me there was some gay relationships in this book series. Can anyone tell me if it's true and what characters?

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Tamsyn Martin It's interesting that lots of people read this as negative.. I personally read it as someone intrigued that there was some gay representation and looking for it in a positive way. I could be wrong of course.. but that's how I choose to see it :).
Gbolahan I just want to say a big "thank you" to the people who ACTUALLY answered Layne's questions of "is it true and which characters?" It's so refreshing to see some people still know how to give simple answers to simple questions, without giving their UNSOLICITED opinions or judgements.
THAT said, I'll answer the question when I'm done reading the second book in the series. I don't remember any gay relations in Book One. There was incest though
Mark Goldshtein
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Andria Koppels Same thing I was thinking Mark, what does it matter? The books are filled with sex and violence, if that doesn't bother you then the rest of it shouldn't either.
Kathryn Why can't it bother him? Anyways, he never said it did.
NT Mariane W Snow Renly and Loras but not much in the books, you're free to ask and free to be concerned Lainey, don't worry about all people with the "why would you care" thing. I respect your question
Thom Johnson
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Paul Beardsley If Layne had simply asked, "Can anyone tell me if it's true?" it could have been interpreted in either of two ways:
a) If it's true, I'm not touching it!
b) If it's true it sounds interesting - I'll give it a read.
But if a) were the case, it seems exceedingly unlikely that he would have added, "and what characters?"
Chad Carlisle Your friend didn't read the books. Your friend watched the HBO adaptation of the novels. I can think of several "Gay relationships" in the HBO series that are NOT in the book! HBO knows that sex sells so they add it in.
Vadim There was a couple of mercenaries guarding Tyrion's girlfriend. It was explicitly stated in the book that they were gays, as it was one of the reasons to hire them to guard the girl.
Drakes There are hints, but only if you squint and watch closely.
Nancy There are several gay characters but the book does not describe or highlight these relationships as depicted in the show.
Kerry Pickens Renly Baratheon was one, there are several "gay" characters and some that are bisexual. There is also many incestuous relationships in the book. If you are offended by graphic sexual content and violence, I would not read the book. The sadism in the story is more offensive to me than the sexual relationships.
Eddy Klein In the books its only hinted at. In show theres graphic sex scences.
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Dada yes, its between loras tyrell and renly baratheon, loras and whore owned by littlefinger, oberyn with whore, and more.
Shawn Surprenant Does it matter?
Gwynne Snee Renly Baratheon is married to his beautiful queen Margarete. I don't know about Loras Tyrell, but Lord Tywin's Mummers are definitely gay. In the story they are said to profess their love for one another embracing and (kissing?) slobbering after Lord Tywin hangs one of their crew and one of his own bowmen for starting a fight amongst them.
Nymeria I have read the book, well actually i read this book some months ago, and if there was gay representation it must have been very subtle, for i don't remember any thing such as that. You should read this series because EVEN if there is gay representation it goes largely unnoticed.
Taylor Not until later in the series, I believe.
Greg Read the books and find out for yourself
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