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I am having a hard time following it because of the names. I think if I had the hardcover where I could reference the family tree in the front more easily it would be a lot easier to follow.

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Carole I had that issue with a book I had on my kindle and I solved it by taking a picture of the family tree on my phone and referred to it often. It helped a lot.
Rebecca It helped me. I referred to the family tree from time to time.
I bought a used copy off amazon for $2.
Teresa Mader I use the bookmark function on my kindle for this. I would bookmark the map. Then bookmark where I am in the book. Once you have checked what you want to see there. Go back to your spot you're reading and remove the bookmark there, and continue reading. The maps book mark would stay but book mark your reading place anytime you want to refer back
Gwen Herrmann If you search google (esp using image search) for "red tent family tree" you will probably find the image from the front of the book, and be able to print it out.
Suzie In my kindle version I could highlight a name (like you would to look up a word) and it told me who the character was
Susan Susan I enjoyed the book very much but read it at least 4 years ago. So I can't remember but I enjoyed very much.
I just saw the mini series.....good as well...but i don't remember Dinah being the central character.....the mini-series very different than the book.
Meg Agreed! There are SO many names to keep track of!
Joyce I hope you can make a copy of the family tree and use it as a page marker. I was able to get the sisters down and then list of their suns. someone else used a different color highlighter to color code each of the wives and their children. at least for the first chapter.
Rose I have had the same issue and have referred to the family tree often. I have also had to "stop and jot" using post it notes. I have referred to them often. Once the story got going however things started connecting however I'm still in Part One - My Mothers' Stories. We shall see if I can still stay afloat once in Part Two - My Story when we change to a new tier of the family tree.
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