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Serena Norse Mythology is pretty big on suffering (Odin hung himself for nine days and nights as a sacrifice, pierced by his own spear) and death/reincarnation (Gullveig was burnt three times, three times reborn). As well all of Odin's warriors/kings in Valhalla were slain ( the einherjar chosen by Valkyries).
Evan Cuyuch if he were to be Annabeth's brother then he would have been greek. wouldn't he? so i can see how rick made him her cousin. keep the mythology connected but separate at the same time
Triisha Another thing: yes, there's a lot of suffering in Norse mythology, but their is in Greek too. For example, Zeus punishing Prometheus for giving fire to the human by chaining him to a rock and letting an eagle peck at his liver every day for "eternity".
Sarica what the heck he probably comes back to life.RICK, PUT PERCY IN IT!
Alex Bazyk Agree But he probaly won't die and this will be another 5 book series :)
Cjkavy I wanted him to be Annabeth's brother! =( RICK WHAT ARE YOU DOING
Lem◍nade Midnight The afterlife is a very big part of Norse mythology soo...
Sanidh Varghese Well basically in Norse mythology people die all the time including Gods. They can all be resurrected or reincarnated so the only way to truly die is to not be in favour of any Norse god and thus lose their help.
Denisa In Norse Mythology they have this place called Valhalla, I don't know all that much about it, but I know it's got to do with Death. Something along the lines of having to die to get there. You can double check me through google, I would, but I'm a little busy rn to go check it all out. Probably will do later. But yeah, I'm very very sure it's got to do with Valhalla
Sadie Cahill it's probably Uncle Rick trolling you.
Adam Rainbolt Also, remember the story of Baldor. He died and almost came back to life.
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