Pao Gómez.
Pao Gómez. asked Brian Katcher:

Hello, Brian! Could you tell us a little bit about your new novel?

Brian Katcher Hello, and thanks for asking! My newest book, THE IMPROBABLE THEORY OF ANA AND ZAK will be available on May 19th, 2015 from Katherine Tegen Books. Here's a blurb:

Zak 'Duke' Duquette wants nothing more out of life than to play video games, hang with his friends, and attend Washingcon, the largest comic book convention in Seattle. This is especially true this year, now that his widowed mother has remarried and his stepfather insists on living with them.

Unfortunately, Zak has blown off a major assignment for a class and is in danger of failing...and by failing, not graduating. The only way he can make up the credit is to 'volunteer' as an alternate at a quiz bowl tournament...the weekend of Washingcon.

Ana Watson, captain of the quiz bowl team, is not thrilled with having Zak on the team, considering him a slacker and a loser. But she has more important things on her mind: the team, her grades, and her younger brother, Clayton, who's also on the team. Sure, Ana would like to take some time off, maybe not study or bend the rules a bit...

Ana used to have an older sister, Nicole. Nicole bent the rules. Ana doesn't have a sister anymore.

At the Friday tournament, Zak gripes nonstop about the convention he is missing: the wild parties, the crazy costuming, the nonstop fun. Clayton is intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, that under the cover of the Seattle rain, he sneaks out of the hotel to see this event for himself.

Ana and Zak have to drag Clayton back to the hotel before the sponsor realizes he's gone. Zak knows the con like Han knows the Kessel Run. He can flush Clayton out, no problem (and maybe score points with Ana). Ana, on the other hand, knows her brother can be very devious when he wants to, and realizes what will happen if her parents find out he ran off.

Together, Ana and Zak descend into a world of Klingons, furries, bronies, cosplayers, filkers, Wookies, drunks, geeks, and party animals. They run afoul of a angry girl with a longbow, a seven-foot-tall viking, a pack of zombies, and several of Zak's ex girlfriends. As the night wears on, they start to realize the only ones they can depend on are each other. And maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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