Dan asked:

For fans who read 1Q84 and were disappointed, has that affected your desire to read this one?

Oscar I really like 1Q84. It was magical & thought provoking. This was ordinary by comparison
Hilary G I loved 1Q84 and have been dying for this one to come out so I can indulge in more Murakami. In my opinion, he is a unique and wonderful writer.
Saku Nope, not one bit. Plus only the third volume of 1Q84 was a letdown, the first two volumes were as brilliant as what I've come to expect from Murakami.
Jen I'm not sure why I didn't like 1Q84 so much, but it was certainly my least favorite Murakami. Bought colorless based on my love of his other work and I'm connecting much better with it so far. I think there'll always be the odd book, even from a favorite author that doesn't work so well for a given individual, and if you're otherwise a fan I imagine you'll like this one too.

Laila As a fan, I loved 1Q84 and was actually rather disappointed in this one. But no, it doesn't affect my desire to read any new book he'll release.
Dan I love Murakami for his use of surrealism and fantastic elements in his books like ones found in "Wind-up Bird Chronicles" "IQ84" "After Dark" or "Kafka on the Shore". This one seems very non-fantastical in comparison. I am still fan of Murakami and I would continue to read his future writings.
Rita I enjoyed 1Q84 very much. I was totally disappointed in Colorless. It was a total letdown.
Jamie Disappointed with 1Q84? Very sorry to hear that. 1Q84 was brilliant!
Cindy I can see what you mean by ordinary in comparison to 1Q84. But on it's own I just really enjoyed the story.
Cully i didn't like 1Q84 at all. It was a slog to get through. One more mention of "Little People" and I was going to burn it.

This one was great.
Alessandro I was disappointed by 1Q84, but I'm truly enjoying this one. It reminds me of "dance dance dance", which is one of my favourite Murakami's books.
Dave Dan, on the contrary, reading 1Q84, all three books, made me hungry for more. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki while different in many ways from 1Q, invokes the same impact of wonder and need for pause throughout the read. An author of this caliber is rare and deserves a level of thought and consideration beyond story, characterization and theme. Murakami challenges the reader to consider one's own inner world and most personal thoughts.
Verra I read 1Q84 and love it but I dissapointed with Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki. 1Q84 was brilliant thriller-like book, and this one was a one level below 1Q84.
David Biddle I was wondering about Colorless Tsuzuku for a while, but then we got to the heart of the matter. 1Q84 wasn't disappointing, just a long trip into a wilderness I didn't know existed.
Barefoot Danger Personally I thought 1Q84 was one of his best. . . .
Davy As one of my favorite authors, I'm pumped for the new release and will always give him the benefit of the doubt.
Dan I don't think it has changed my desire to read this at all. While 1Q84 wasn't my favorite Murakami story, the vast majority of Murakami's work remains extremely compelling to me, and I have no reason to believe this won't be.
Laura Walsh I did approach this book with some trepidation, but even tho I was disappointed at the ending of IQ84, I had to admit that I enjoyed reading it. I thought the characters were well developed, hoped that would be the same with this new book, and that also, maybe this time the end would leave me feeling satisfied. This conclusion of this one was better, but still, getting there was more enjoyable than actually closing the book and moving on to the next one in my (way too long!) reading queue. Murakami, and his translator, have wonderful powers of description and crafting a good read, one that keeps you turning the pages. I now have to find time to get to the other books he has writte, as well as look forward to any future offerings !
Sharon 1Q84 was the first book of this author that I read. Because I thought it was so different and interesting I've since read every one of his novels. I was thrilled when Colorless was released and I just finished it. Every Murakami book is wonderful to me. I might not like all parts of them but his characters are very similar in their likes and dislikes that I feel comfortable with each new book.
Rj Rivera I was a bit disappointed but not so much that I'm willing to let go of Murakami yet. I still can't wait for his next "Norwegian Wood". I'm just a bit cautious of his long novels now. I'm thinking of purchasing this once it goes on paperback.
Flora Not at all. I am a big fan of Murakami's novel Norwegian Wood, and I didn't enjoy 1Q84 as much as I thought I would. Seeing that this story lies somewhat in parallel with Norwegian Wood, I'm more excited to read it more than anything.
Amy Warrick Yes...Murakami let me down absolutely and he doesn't get forgiven that easily. He has to wait in line now, no special privileges. I'll take a look at this, certainly, eventually, but I'm not nearly as excited as I would have been previous to 1Q84.
Revellanotvanel I was lost in a metaphysical world of wonder, love and the unknown w 1Q84 yeah it was not constant there were often standstills and pitfalls--the boat wouldnt just set sail, but maybe these were just my own shortcomings. Murakami transports me to this still place like no other author has been able to accomplish there's solace in that thought sharing. He's free w it and leads me to believe he values the craft assuredly and his readers akin to a magician every time I read his work there's going to be magic --I look forward to his next
D Johnson I found 1Q84 bloated and in need of editing / culling. A let down. I wasn't put off from reading this though, and am glad I did - it is a return to form, in a similar vein to Wind Up Bird.
Annika No it didn't. I liked this way better- faster pace, clearer themes and stronger emotions in my opinion. Though it certainly has less magical realism and thriller aspects, I actually thought this plot was more interesting. I WILL note that I read all four volumes of 1Q84 at once, so that might've affected my overall view on the book.
Ant LIke a sickness, I must read all his books, having loved his early works, but as I was too, disappointed with IQ84, I still read this one in the hope that he returns to his previous glory. Alas, disappointed again.
Gregg I can't imagine how high one's expectations must be to be disappointed in 1Q84! I am 1/3 of he way thought this one and love them both!
Jamal Burgess I LOVED 1Q84... i've read it twice so far.
Julian Suga I was disappointed in 1Q84 because to me, it signaled a loss of restraint by a veteran author. Yes, Colorless lacks the overt mysticism and heightened mystery that have become a trademark of Murakami's most celebrated works, but it simply means that the story operates on a more nuanced level. Also, it won't take you 8 million years to finish.
Boy Blue I was slightly disappointed by 1Q84. I guess I bought into the hype before it came out, "it's his magnum opus blah blah etc etc". I think The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is much better, and also more of a claimant on the magnum opus title.

However, being disappointed by a Murakami book doesn't mean it wasn't a great read. It's the same with this newer one. I got it as soon as it came out and read it in a few days, I was a little bit disappointed but the tale was still interesting, still mesmerising in the way only Murakami can be. Be careful though, this is the most mundane of his novels since Norwegian Wood so if it's the fantastic elements you are looking for, stay away.
Kristoffer Skog I didn't like 1Q84 but found Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki wonderful. Alot more down to earth and really pleasant.
Cecilia I gave up on IQ84 and did not finish, but after awarding this one 5 stars, I will give IQ84 a second chance!
Linda Price-Dean 1Q84 was my favourite Murakami; I couldn't put it down. Have read most of his books and have just started this one.
Bell Chan I echo your disappointment in 1Q84, although I did like the idea of parallel universes that complemented the star-crossed romance between Aomame and Tengo. I've barely started on Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki, yet the first chapter opens with a promising and familiar whiff of Kafka On the Shore. I have a feeling Murakami's got his game back on track for this one.
Dann LaGratta Every author that I like usually has a book or two that I don't care for. If I don't care for this one I might wait for the paperback of the next...
Jenna (Falling Letters) Being disappointed by 1Q84 actually made me more excited to read this, because I think it will be more similar to his other works that I enjoy than to 1Q84.
Paul Bifford I wasn't disappointed. So, either "n/a" or "no."
Cornell Tsiang Short answer is not at all. There was a tremendous amount of hype for 1Q84 which probably elevated expectations. I admit that I didnt enjoy it as much as prior novels but then again I also dont feel that all Murakami's novel are on the same level of excellence. Murakami is one of my favourite authors so I will continue to read for the time being.
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