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What do you think about this book? Is it a hype?

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Darrian I honestly love it. Many people try and say it's a cheap rip off of The Hunger Games just by reading the summary but it's definitely not. I didn't much enjoy The Hunger Games but I absolutely love this book. It is told in multiple POVs and it doesn't exactly give you one character to cheer for so each reading can honestly pick one of the 12 Players and hope that they survive Endgame. Plus each of the Players is a trained killer and it makes things SO much more interesting than The Hunger Games because rather than 4 people who trained and killing those weak ones it's 12 people who are all trained. I was in love with it about 15 pages in. I recommend giving it a chance.
Nerdfighter A lot of people die and its dystopian, but that doesn't make it The Hunger Games. People are 'Twilighting' it, after Twilight came out pretty much anything with a vampire in it was considered copying and COMPLETELY written off. It's ridiculous, don't get me wrong there's a dozen copy-cats for every well-writtten novel, but End Game isn't one of them. And about the author being a jerk, so is Orson Scott Card and guess what? Ender's Game is still a brilliant gem of the Sci-fi genre (not the movie). Also, where in The Hunger Gamer were there aliens or mystic prophecies? Oh right, there weren't. Don't judge a book by another book guys, it's not perfect but it's too fun to write off.
Brandy Hendricks I think it was a great book, I have read the hunger games and although some may think this book shadows hunger games, you could not be more wrong. I can honestly say though that you will pick favorites of the 12 but I wouldn't because they change so quickly that you have a love/hate relationship with some of them. But I hated the end!!! I cant wait for the second in the series, but I will always hate the end of this book! Worth reading if you cant follow, I had to hang in there with An's blink/shiver that drove me nuts. But overall its a good book!
Sophie I LOVED this book! It's a wonderful new look into a whole other world! You'll never be able to put this book down once you start reading it, at the start I was a little confused but once you get the aspect that it's different people's perspectives it's very entertaining! It's got a great choice of characters and creative twists in nearly every chapter. Some may consider this a rip off of The Hunger Games after reading the description but I certainly disagree! Endgame is much better than The Hunger Games! I recommend this for all! Fantastic job James Frey!
Renae It is a very good read, not comparable to "twilight" or "the hunger games" or any other YA fiction. It is fantasy and thrill and it's very well written (dense, though), and it keeps you wondering what will happen all throughout the book. It gives you the perspective of 12 different players of the "game", who belong to different ancient cultures. They also have special human(!!) abilities, and the stories moves along with each character. Very creative, indeed. I recommend it!

Edit: I want to also point out it has an alternate real game, which is VERY difficult and it requires a really smart person to pull it off. It has it's clues splattered in the book, and the purpose of the online game is the same one than the book's.
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