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Did anyone out there finding this book a little bit tedious & annoying?

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Vale It was terrible and such an afrront at Agatha Christie's life work.
Arlene Yes. I found this Poirot to be obnoxious and unpleasant. Not at all the Poirot I remembered from Christie's works.
S.M. I hated it. I got it on Audible a few weeks ago and I felt my gray cells dying with every chapter. What a mockery of Agatha Christie's work!
Jeannette Yes! I started several time to just stop reading but kept going. The end was especially annoying as it just went on and on, page after page. I'm still not sure exactly what happened. I gave it a 2 as there were a few spots that were interesting, especially when Catchpole went to the village. Other than that, I found it very nothing.
Helen Redman Rambling, convoluted
Mary Smith I'm so glad I'm not the only one to feel that way. It just went on and on and on, rambling away. Very disappointing.
John Martin Unfortunately yes. I felt it needed more editing, as the plot became too convoluted in places. And Catchpool was no replacement for Hastings.
A Swirl Girl I'm about 80% through and I can't wait for it to be over. The only reason I'm even bothering to finish is because I've already wasted some grey cells reading it to this point.
Micki I suffered through this book, and tried to enjoy the attempt, but was still left wanting. The treatment of Catchpole was too harsh, I have yet to recall a Poirot--by Christie, that was not at least sympathetic at times towards others' lack of imagination or ability to reason as quickly as Poirot himself. This updated Poirot was always condescending or scathing towards his companion. Granted, Catchpole isn't anything like Hastings, but at least Poirot would often try to keep an amiable relationship with his side kicks. The plot was nice but too much detailing, unnecessary detailing cluttered this book. Condensing this book would have still captivated me, even if the pages where fewer. Even trying to characterize Poirot was too edgy. I hope the next attempt of an Agatha Christie character will be edited further before publishing. No doubt trying to mimic Agatha's style is impossible, but please don't hack the fictional character and make them full of indignation 24/7. It is an insult to devoted readers everywhere.
Marji Morris Hate to go against the flow, but I found this to be far better than I thought it would be. I avoided it for a long time because I felt no one could equal Christie. I'm not quite finished, but my only complaint is that using Catchpool as a narrator SHOULD restrict what he can tell us, but sometimes the author appears to have forgotten that.
J The book was approved by Christie’s heirs, I’m wondering what their incentive was ... financial, publicity?
Tia Cant even get through it.
Aditi It started quite poorly!
Jacqui Ward I didn't like it all. The writing style is completely different to Agatha Christies's style, Poirot was not his usual self, and Catchpole was awful.
Ceola YES! If the murders had been solved earlier, maybe the book would have been more enjoyable.
Penny Swift Very disappointed but knowing "Agatha christies" work, this was just not even close to representing one of novels. yes, I agree the repetition was ANNOYING! and "Hercule Poirot" NO-NO-NO...What did you do to him????? Tried to finish the book but...sorry, just didn't have the heart to continue, I was soooo disappointed!
Kajoli Tankha Yes totally
The tone was completely off - The characters in the village for instance for completely incomprehensible and impossible to imagine in real life ( even in the 1920's) and I never felt that way with Agatha Christie's other novels ( all of which I have read multiple times)
Almost felt like characters from a Sherlock Holmes- who I felt often had unidimensional characters
I really did not like this book at all and feel like Agatha must be turning over in her grave
Penny In a word, yes!
Stephanie I read the book because it was endorsed by Christie's grandson. But this book is disappointing, boring, convoluted. I am very suprised that Gillian Flynn gave her stamp of approval. A total waste of my time
Ellie Absolutely horrible!
Robin Helweg-Larsen I had 90% of the answer at page 46 of 302. A possibility occurred to me that was not considered by Poirot or Catchpole, and proved correct. That it was not 100% correct was because of the endless additional complications added to the plot, bogging it down in unlikely repetitions of relationships and motives.
Addtional irritation was the dozens of times the author evoked "the little grey cells" - yes, as a Poirot hallmark Christie would mention them once or twice in a novel, but mentioning them dozens of times makes you not more Poirot, but less.
Annalisa Yes, exceeding contrived, pedantic and annoying
Julie Sadly, I did.
T. Godeon Yes, it was very annoying indeed. The clean and clear Christie prose style is well captured by Sophie Hannah, but her Poirot portrayal is not convincing. For example, when her Poirot lapses into French, he speaks inelegantly and at least once uses a French vulgarism that the real Hercule would never ever have employed (the word 'dégueulasse').

But my real quibble with this book is its core. While most mysteries require the reader to suspend disbelief and string along with various improbabilities, the basic plot of The Monogram Murders is so utterly farfetched, with so many totally unbelievable characters, that after a so-so beginning, the book drifts into a kind of late 1920s fantasy world.

Top it all off with a very long, mildly confusing 70 page denouement where Poirot does his standard theatricals before a gathering of all the suspects, and you have an OK read, but a seriously disappointing addition to the Poirot catalogue.

Actually, it seems like a mystery that was already completed with an ordinary Scotland Yard protagonist, and where the author backpeddled and skillfully tacked Poirot on as the hero.
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Katalin Tímea Yep. This Poirot is a cheap replica of himself, annoying and without warmth. Also found the cover cheating: with great letters there is Poirot and there is Agatha Christie's name, but none of them had anything to do with this book.
What is dead should stay dead.
Oliver Agree. This is why there can only be One Agatha Christie. She is one in a zillion. People can try and replicate her but they can never equal or even come near her.
Dianne M Halloran Yes. I, too, wanted to like this book. It was tedious in places. Too many characters.
tatiana Yes, and I'm not very far into the book, yet. GRRRR...what a disappointment. But, I must finish reading it, just in case it actually gets better. I'm glad I got this for around a buck on Kindle and didn't fork over for the book when it first came out. I was sooo excited, and that excited has been tamped down and is close to being extinguished.
Bobbie Scott I am very glad I got the book free from a friend. It is bad enough that I wasted the time to read it trying to be fair.
Vladimíra Čavojová It really was annoying, it went on and on, every new "discovery" even more improbable than the previous one. I couldn´t believe in mental sloweness of the detective in parts where even I suspected some inconsistency. The worst thing for me was that knowledge of cognitive psychology ruined every last bit of enjoyment from the detective story such as this one, because human memory does not work in the way described inthe book. Poirot asking suggestive questions and relying on detials form second-hand accounts - show me one person who would remember some overheard radom conversation word by word and then reliably recounted it to someone else. And the end - I kept falling asleep during the last two hours of "explaining" the mystery, which was, in fact, rather boring.
Roselyn I did. The amount of time the plot kept on twisting and twisting, my gosh.And the part which I hated most was that Poirot could not solve the puzzle of "another word for death".Grey cells must have really caught up with him.
Soujanya A bit ? It was just going on and on. The same things over and over again. Just dragged it on...
Emma Tried to read a chapter a day but found there to be little suspense and lots of clever "wordiness"; I did think the writing and plot was quite complex and the story probably well-thought-out but there wasn't enough pacing and simple storytelling to keep me hooked.
Wilhemina Wingates Yes. And the book was a disappointment.
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