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How is the book for a 12 year old? I want to buy it but am not sure if its good or not.

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Josie I think it is really interesting that teens who read the book would recommend it to their peers, while most of the adults in the forum would absolutely not give it to a person under 12. I think that says a lot about the maturity of teens, and where adults think they are (maturity wise). They know A LOT more than you think! Yes, there is cussing, drinking, smoking, and sexual situations, but guess what? It's all stuff that teens do, or at least THINK about doing. I probably would not go place this book in the hands of an innocent 12 year old, but I would not frown upon someone that age reading it.
Sara I think it depends on your maturity. I'm fourteen and I felt very well reading this book, maybe because of my liberal education. But I've seen older people telling that it felt uncomfortable to read it.
Definitely, it depends on your maturity.
Kallee Anderson I agree. This book should probably be read an adult beforehand. I am 17 and I just read it and I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the content. I would suggest it to someone 16+.
Universa Red Im 12 and I love the book, me and many of my friends are advanced in reading and maturity so it depends
Liliflor I read it recently and have just turned 13 and for me it was a very good book suitable for teenage viewing. But everyone is different and I have been told that I read books unsuitable for my age group. It all depends on whether or not you can handle some of the more mature themes in the book.
Barbara I feel this book, as much as I enjoyed it as an adult, would not be good for your 12 yr old. It's a young Adult book, and if you're asking I doubt they'd be ready for it or that you'd want to expose them to it.
Astrid Since the main character is a 16-year-old who has no idea about how a blow-job works and is very very naïve when it comes to everything social and sexual I would think it was perfect for a 12-year-old. It's about discovering your sexuality and finding boundaries - how perfect for a pre-teen.
If, however, you are adamant that hiding the fact that (almost) everybody has sex, drink, smoke, do drugs - and that these kinds of people exist - then don't give it to your 12-year-old. But the questions asked in this book are appropriate.
Aisha definitely. I'm 13 and I've been reading these kind of books since 9 and I know that it is a little mature, but that isn't the story. This story is a definite read and if you are sensitive to the mature things in the book just don't pay too much attention to it, but it's too much of a good book to not read and its better at a young age so when your older you can remember what you thought of the book and its pretty amazing to do that. i don't believe in maturity I just go for it and the judge the book on how good it was.
Jaicee I read it when I was 10 and enjoyed it... maybe that was a bit too young, but whoops- still my favorite book today.
Alice I just read this book and I am 33. I would say this book is suitable for a mature 15 year old or older. swearing, oral sex, drinking, smoking, getting into trouble.
Victoria Not suitable for a 12 year old, I would say.
Isadora I read looking for alaska just after i turned 11, and loved it. i am answering this 6 years late but it will be useful for others. it really depends on one's maturity, really. i understood all the topics discussed and was easy with this book; however, i can see many of my classmates not being mature enough to read it. but i would give it a go.
Isabella taccetta i am 12 and i read it its really up to how mature you are to the subjects that are mentioned
Omshi I just read this book and I am 13 . Well , I WAS able to handle it , but , ya know , ti has some really awkward parts , if you know what I mean . If you are uncomfortable with that sort of stuff , you would better not read it now.
Tiffany This book is really good, but judging by the content you might want to wait until your 15 or so to read it due to its more adult themes.
Chrissy This question was posted 5 years ago, so my comment is probably irrelevant. I'd say a no for a 12 year old, i read it when i was 14/15 and was told by my elder brother I was too young to read it. Still read it anyway and felt like i completely understood it. Now i'm 18 and i've read it again and honestly I would wait to read this book, not just because of the adult themes but just because it is so much better reading it as someone who has just been that age. Honestly, wait and you won't regret it, but if you wanna read it young, read it again later!
Michaela I don't think a book is going to harm a 12-year-old. That being said, I read this book at 13 and didn't enjoy it because of the more adult themes. They didn't corrupt me or ruin my innocence as by the age of 12 you know what these things are, I simply was still at an age where I preferred more fun books. I reread it years later (when The Fault in Our Stars came out) and enjoyed it much more and was better able to appreciate the purpose of the book.
Mike Day Do not, I would not recommend this book to anyone.
Sanjit Jeevanand Maturity has no role in this you should never give this book to a 12 year old.
The one who say I read it at 10-14 you should be ashamed of yourself not proud
Dorothy Frison Not for a 12 year old. I would not even recommend it for high school reading.
Champagne Char NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you did not let her read this book. Maturity has NOTHING to do with this content. There is NO reason a 12 year old needs to read about sex acts. My 14 wants to read this book. So I read it. I marked out sentences she cannot read and even pinned together about 4 pages that are just NO. I wrote a summary of what she couldn't read without details so the plot could continue for her.
Teri Absolutely not! This stupid book should NOT be a best seller or on the teen book list. There are hundreds of curse words, detailed descriptions of sexual acts, the characters all drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, dabble in drugs and drive under the influence and are totally out of control. It is basically a "how to" book on how to be a delinquent and fly under the radar while doing so. This garbage promotes NOTHING wholesome or good. It is appalling the teachers are recommending this trash to students as young as 11 in my district.
Beverly NO. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think it should have been in the Teen section of the library at all. I liked it, but was uncomfortable knowing that my 12 y/o granddaughter would be able to check this out.
Petra Miocic No, I wouldn't say it is suitable for a 12 year old, I'd recommand it to 16+ adolescents.
This book is, more than anything else, on growing up but some of the scenes just ain't proper, first of all oral sex scene which I found pretty uncalled for. Even though exploring your sexuality is a big part of growing up.
John Taranto I grabbed it at an airport to have something to read, knowing that my 12 year old daughter wanted to read his books, and then I would pass it onto her.
I thought the story was very good and the topic of teen friendship and loss was handled well, even for a 12 year old. BUT, I do not understand the need to have some of the details regarding certain sexual acts to get the story across. I thought the concept of first physical attraction could have been addressed without the details, while still getting the point across.
I would not willingly let my young teenager read it.
Kevin Cunningham I'm not sure I'd buy it for a 12-year old. There are many references to sex, smoking and drinking, and while they aren't gratuitous or there just to be there, it's pretty out there.

I'm also not sure that many people that age would be able to comprehend the second half of the book. This felt like a book about being young for people who had stopped being young already.
Dina i love it how everyone uses the word "mature" in their comments.
Raagha Pillai I honestly would not recommend this book to a 12 year old because I think this book has something that I'm not sure if a 12 year old would be able to truly experience or feel the book(I'm not talking about the mature content in this book) .This book might hit different if read in their late teens also I'm not against a 12 year old reading it but from my experience, as a 16 year old I was able to connect with book that I don't think would have been possible as a 12 year old. Apart from everything this highly depends on the maturity of an individual.
Lucy Umm... I read it when I was 13. That was because I read every single other book of John Green's except the new one.
haleigh it depends on how mature the 12 year old is
like my 13 year old sibling has the maturity of a 4 year old with the knowledge of a 16 year old.no way is she reading this book any time son.lol
Emily Granger My mum bought it for me on my 11th birthday (i don't think she read it) and I liked it a lot. I am quite an advanced reader and she knew that John Green was a good writer. The topics and references in his books may be quite adulty but in my old school, children would get 'the talk' in Year 5 so I was exposed to some of the things in the book already. So it depends on what you know already. I loved reading the book. It was funny, philosophical, sad and truthful.
Brooklynn I read it when i was 11, it probably should be 16+ in my opinion.
Shirley This novel is geared toward a young adult audience. I would refrain from reading this until high school and even then would consider the reader’s maturity level.
Barb Hildebrandt Just a thought. My kids were voracious readers and read above their grade level. So...when a book came across their request list with content such as this, we read it together so we could discuss this type of content.
I am not much for censoring or banning books but I would try to hold off for a 12 year old reading alone.
Kara I'm 12 and I read it. But as Sara said depends on your maturity level
Apsara I agree. I read it and didn't really understand what was going on. I'm 13. It really depends on your maturity.
Kaitlin I am 12 though as there is much inappropriate language and content but it is amazing.
Skye Yin The book language is good, but there involves some mature topics that maybe could have a better understanding for older kids.
Sammie Now your 15!!! YAY but i'm 13 and I have read it, so it's good
Talena Donnell I read this at age 11 I'm 12 now and a huge reader this was my gateway book go for it! If your more mature than average x
Kitty I'm twelve and I just recently read this book, I enjoyed it immensly, but it really depends how comfortable you are with the content. I would reccomend looking it up on common sense media and deciding if your comfortable with the more mature content in it.
jenny I read this when I was 11 but it may be too inappropriate for some kid, I read different content from kids my age
Rosie It has a lot of sex, swearing, suicide and drug use. Unless your child is mature enough to deal with that, I definitely would not buy it
AyeAyeCaptain I don't think you should read it now, you should save it for later, when you are older you will understand more and it will just make more sense to you.
Dawn I would definitely not let a 12-year old read this. This novel would be rated R if it were a movie. I love it, but I have a 12 year old. I wouldn't let him read it until he was older....at least in high school.
Saya It's a tad too much for a 12 year old, generally speaking...I'd say maybe 14/15+?
Emily i deppends one maturity i read it when i was 11
Radha You may not want to buy it, if your parents are not okay with it. You need to be mature to read it, like @Sara said.
Isaiah Ramsey I'm 12 and I read it. It does depend on your maturity if you are 12 but I highly recommend the book. But it does have inappropriate situations but you should get it depending on your maturity. But it is an amazing book.
Emily Well, I'm 11 and almost 12 and it depends on how mature you are. I loved it and cried over it.
Lisa Maybe not for a 12 year old..
Allison Jordan Im 12 and I am reading the book. Some of the content is inappropriate, but it depends on your maturity.
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Maria As a 13 year old I would suggest it. But before you run off and start reading, be warned that some of the content can get very uncomfortable.
Alessia does anyone know any other good books like this ?
SAYE I am 12 but I still love the book more than anything on the entire planet
Iving This is an old question so I don't know if you actually bought it already, but I'm still going to answer it. I'm a 20 year old, and I completely disliked this book. I'm dead sure the 17yo me would have disliked it too. Believe me, I'm dead sure. So yeah, I do believe this is a book for 12-16yo teenagers
GenjiHere I read this book when I was 11. I loved this book, but it would depend on how a mature you are. I'm very mature for my age, so I loved it.
M While not the focus on the story, it does feature several mentions of sex, smoking, drinking, smoking weed - generally stuff that's very inappropriate for a 12-year-old to read about. Obviously every kid is different, but personally, I wouldn't give this to a child under 15.
Chelsea I read this at twelve and definitely wasn't ready for it. I hadn't even know the stuff that went on in this book existed, and I wish I'd waited a few more years to read it.
Heeral I wouldnt say its for a 12 year old, unless you want the kid to think that smoking, drinking lots of wine, getting pissed is all cool....oh not to mention blow jobs and swearing too
Maggie I read this book at around 12. I think if you are a mature 12 year old, you would be fine reading this book. It has some mature content that would make it a book more suited for teenagers.
Joy I'm 12 and i love it but i have also been told i am very mature for my age so.... if you don't like the topic of sex and strong language you props shouldn't read it.
Storm E. Rayne I was thirteen when i read the book. It's a good book, but it does have underage drinking and smoking. It also has some strong language. But if you are mature enough to handle that, I would diffidently read it. It's a very great book.
Cyril My daughter is 12, she has read and loved "The Fault in our Stars", but I suggested her to wait a couple of years before reading "Looking for Alaska".
Vmay I teach middle school and read this book because so many of my students (8th graders) were reading it. I found the content a bit too explicit for my 8th graders. I will not be putting this on our classroom shelves and our librarian does not put it on her shelves. I enjoyed the book, but I felt uncomfortable thinking of my students reading some of the parts. I would wait if I thinking of getting it for my own tween children.
Sheri Robinson Totally not appropriate for a 12 year old.
Lkenney I would DEFINITELY not allow my 12 year old to read this! I wouldn't even want my 18 year old reading it. It includes material that is bordering on literary porn.
Farah Morsi I don't think so, it's pretty good but there are parts of this novel which are veryyyy inappropriate.
Britan I'm 13 and was able to handle it just fine, but it does have some cursing and talk of sex; if either of these make you uncomfortable I'd suggest holding off a year or two.
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