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What do you do when you have too many ideas for books?

Suzanne LaFleur I tend to focus only on one book at a time. Sometimes there's a bit of overlap when I have a book in editing and one that I'm drafting, but I have a lot of trouble going back and forth and try to avoid doing that. Most of the scenes I imagine will only belong to the one story I'm actively working on; in fact, I feel like I will never think of another story ever again. If I do have other story-thoughts popping up, that's a bit of a comfort, but I just ignore them. My theory is that if they're any good, I'll remember them later--if not, oh well. I imagine scenes, characters, voices, and images, and I don't even think of these things as "ideas." When I'm not working on a book and am ready to start a new one, I let my mind wander amongst all these different sparks, and I choose the one that most interests me--or better yet, one of these sparks calls me, compelling me to explore it. Everything else either reveals itself as part of that story, or it fades away either to re-emerge later or never to be thought of again.

While I don't do this myself, if you feel bombarded with thoughts, I would recommend keeping a notebook where you can write down all the ideas you have, whenever they occur. When you're ready to write a new piece, you can flip through the notebook and pick out something to write about. Nothing gets lost that way, and it's a bit more organized than just being a jumble in your imagination. You can try out as many ideas as you like, or set aside as many as you like. They will still be there. If you are writing passages in the notebook and several of them seem to be connected, they may actually belong to one story.

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