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Why women are underestimated in this book? I don't understand , why shows woman as a devil? Can some one explain to me what kazantzakis want to say through this?!

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Շամրիկ Khachatrian Kazantzakis does not underestimate women in this book, he just portrayed the society during a particular period of time.
Sarah The author is a bit of a sexist and trying to explain things he didn't understand - i.e. women...
Inci Yes, we can say society is this but why the aouthor puts this in the eye. I am struggling to finish this book for that reason. Sadly, it gets ahead of book's beauty!
Ioannis-(John) Kazantzakis was an author, who critisized the Greek society, and he was panished from Greek Church, and authorities who was placed from Turks, and was not accepted from Greeks. Doesnt mean that he had all those believes. I certainly like because also he saw me how Greek people suffered and changed their ideas because of Turkey occupation. And today is one of the best author of his era, and very popular in the world, i believe.
Habiba Semmeg This is a real life. He is just trying to portray reality as it is.
Deian Petrov Zorba also says that God and the Devil are one and the same, perhaps he meant the same in case of women.
James (JD) Dittes This is a good question. I think that, even for its time, the Crete portrayed in the book was traditional and conservative in its mores--in religion, in its trades & agriculture, and in its treatment of women. The book doesn't date very well on that account.

But it is important to note how the female characters bring out the major differences between Zorba and the narrator regarding their treatment of flesh vs Spirit.

Strangely though, the death of the widow doesn't cause the narrator to question Cretan society (which is how people react to similar. sexist "honor killings" today) but to wax philosophically about death.
Violeta "There was a time when I used to say: that man's a Turk, or a Bulgar, or a Greek.
"I've done things for my country that would make your hair stand on end, boss. I've cut
people's throats, burned villages, robbed and raped women, wiped out entire families.
Because they were Bulgars, or Turks. 'Bah! To hell with you, you swine!' I say to
myself sometimes. " I think this paragraph tells everything about this character Zorba
Eden Its based upon the context of the book from where and how this story takes place..
Silver Shathar women are not underestimated in this book , they are just described as the weakest creatures and that's how things were at that time..
Akhilesh A S I don't think Kazantzakis is a sexist as @Sarah had commented. He just portrays the life of women at that particular time as @Շամրիկ Khachatrian says. Women are not at all shown as a devil in this book and the question itself has its own errors. Read the book according to its perspective and then criticize it @inci. Zorba just maintains his own philosophical stand, and the book well explains that Zorba was ahead of time. But he is a human, and nobody is perfect in this world...So it must be his drawback...
Majid Soleimani Take it easy! Everybody could write or say everything! It's a democracy!! Everybody could receive whatever they want! I always try to receive good ideas and skip bad ideas from every book. I have the power of thinking. The writer of this book just was trying to tell us one of the aspects of women. In that era, men behaved towards women this way and liked it but now, everything has changed.
Klasebond well what you have to understand is that Crete even today is a place where Honor is really important and there are still many killings happening and vendeta . It is also very traditionalist . The book takes place arround 1918-1923 from what i pieced together as it mentions the communists . During that era Greece was even more conservative . I am a Greek myself and is hard for non-greeks to fully grasp what was going on during the time even for me its a little out of context but overall is a place deeply rooted in tradition , ideas of honor and the women are thought as creatures that need to be protected .
Ritvik I request women who answered this question or will answer it to instead of merely criticising, mention a model behaviour for women encountered in real life different than told by Zorba so we have a constructive viewpoint.
Sne I think he was in love with his friend. But that wasn't approved in that time.
And women are devils because they mess with man's plans and divert him from them
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