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I've yet to read this book,,BUT if the whole 'ripping off' the land and 'extermination' of the Native American is not told,,then I won't waste a dime on such crap. holla

Desiree Muller The history of the Native America people isn't discussed in length. He does discuss the destruction of the Native people as a result of the disease that the English brought with them. He also discusses the reparations that were made by the government to the Native Americans. But specific mention of "ripping off" and "extermination" were not used from what I remember. The book begins following a shortened history of Dr. Carson's life in poverty. It also discusses how the founding fathers began to develop the constitution and their reasoning behind their decisions. He covers the slavery and the civil rights movement, our wars, and the political state of our nation in those times. I felt it is a wonderful look at our history. The nature of the book is focused on our constitution and God's blessing of our nation. He promotes freedom of religion, and freedom from religious oppression, freedom of speech as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others, and how important it is to have a balanced government... something we don't currently have. For someone wanting to have the history of government run-down, this is a great book. If you want to read about the evils of our country, which there are many, this isn't the best book, but it is a book of hope, so maybe give it a listen.
DuckGuy It talks about the Native Americans, about how they weren't beaten as much by the better technology and weapons of the Europeans. They were mostly killed by the European diseases which they had no resistance to. Some entire tribes were killed by European infections.
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