Sasha Ivashkov-Herondale-Jackson (Clarisse)

Would you like any more spin-offs based on Vampire Academy? [spoilers removed]

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Paige Collins Yes! Keep the spin offs coming! Anything to keep the series alive ._.

But, in all seriousness, I was a little dubious when I started the Bloodlines series and thought it was going to be a bit "meh". But, I love it more than the VA series! She needs to write more stuff.

We beg you Oh great Goddess known as Richelle Mead! We are not worthy to bask in your presence, but praise you for it anyway!
Amy Hunter Yes! I would love to know more about the witches (especially Inez) and to find out about Neil's adventures. I would like to see what happens with the Keepers as well.
Smitha Shankari Yes yes yes! Please! I'm in love with this series and I'm so sad to see it end! Perhaps a spinoff with Declan as the main character?
Dhvani I wanna know about everyone. I think if she juiced out another series it'd be too much but I wish she'd write a book of short stories to tell us more about:
1) Abe
2) The magical communes and maybe more about Ms T and Wolfe
3) Angeline and Trey maybe a few fights with the keepers.
4) Of course Neil and Declan and everything
5) Maybe a bit on Mia with the whole 'change the laws' thing.
6) A little about St Vlad and Anna
Again in all honesty I'D LOVE A NEW SERIES but I think itd be like trying to juice more story out of an already dry lemon. Just won't work.
Cynthia Onyilimba I kind of want more Rose. I enjoyed Bloodlines a lot but especially in the Ruby Circle I found myself craving things from her perspective a bit more. I think this is the only book that really made me want more from Rose badly though. Before i'd have been more happy to see something more from The Keepers (maybe Angeline?) or The Warriors or even Mia or Jill actually.
JJ I would like a spin off on Mia because there is a lot going on still with the Moroi and Dhampirs but so far we have only gotten the side of the Royal Moroi when they are the few and the laws that are implemented affect the non-royals and dhampir. Also considering that the start of Bloodlines was that Moroi attacked Lissa and Jill makes it seem like there is a revolution on its way. Not to mention the new discoveries of Bloodlines. There is so much going on but we are only treated to a small scope of the big picture and I think Mia would be the perfect character to tell the other side of the story .
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