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Meh. I know it was about a girl in a kind of "ghost" state, which isn't realistic to begin with, but even then it seemed like her attitudes toward everything were even more unrealistic. It was pretty boring, tbh. I feel like it's quite an unpopular opinion, haha.

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Kimi Rose Honestly I agree, and I am easily impressed when it comes to books. I felt like the book lacked passion. It wasn't captivating and I couldn't even get through it all. I was so disappointed because I waited so long to read it! It was very bland! Bland is the word! Plain! Books should make the reader feel something other then complete and utter disappointment and exhaustion. I am an insomniac and that made me sleep.
Brooke Ellestad I disagree completely sorry I thought the book was great, how would you know that never could happen? Maybe people turn do into ghosts when they past away!?
Drakes You're not alone. Good books change you, your attitude, or your view of the world. This book, I put it down and just started playing Mass Effect without wasting another thought on it.
Becky Seabaugh You are not alone in your opinion. This book was disappointing. No matter how hard I tried, I could not become emotionally attached to the characters. :/
Bella This book left me in a neutral state (it had sad parts but not heart-stoppingly sad) however, it is the way most of us are. We probably expected this cliché storyline where they fall in love, the girl still has her family and everything goes well. Sometimes, life isn't like that, it was a raw, authentic scenario which most people haven't been through.
Shiah Such a big thing can leave one in shock maybe thats why you felt she didn't act how you thought she would. And the ghost like state thing could be very realistic for all we know.
Cristina I agree... Didn't shed a tear and I even cry at commercials. It was boring and disappointing.
Olivia Shackelford I also agree, plain is the word. But this book had me on the edge of my seat at some parts, like the car crash chapter as well as when the book would switch between the past and reality. Her love for the cello was unique for me, you don't often see that in books. But I'll have to agree to disagree for the unrealistic part. I believe it was very interesting, and had me questioning what would happen next.
Haley Yutesler I think that the book “If I Stay” has any kind of theme, it would be to just fight to stay alive I think, because Mia is fighting for her life (hints the title), but, they are just driving down the highway and in a blink of an eye, something so fast could change so dramatically. Now they are in a hospital, fighting for their life, with Mia already knowing that both of her parents are dead. It’s really depending on how you have to see the story and what you think of the story, to know what the theme of this story is. What’s your opinion?
Lisa Lilly I enjoyed reading the book, but after I finished, did not have a strong reaction to it. I liked that Mia had an overall happy life before the accident, which felt like a nice change from books where every family is dysfunctional and every teenaged girl is facing horrendous issues in her day to day life. Yet I did quite feel the depth of her loss, so it was hard to identify with her struggling with her decision about what to do.
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