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If I liked Station Eleven, will I like this?

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Jim Hiller I adored Station Eleven, and I couldn't put this book down. It really is all about her writing style. It evokes in me a way of seeing the story that not many authors do. If you loved her writing in Station Eleven, this book will not disappoint.
Stacy I actually loved The Glass Hotel more, and don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Station Eleven. I can't articulate why yet, but it drew me in much deeper. To say why might contain spoilers. You know how sometimes when you finish a book you get so into it that when you finish you're like, "Oh. Hello real world." It had that effect on me.

I think I was just very interested in the things she was exploring in this book and this whole idea of, and I'm paraphrasing here, "is it possible to know and not know something?" (A character asks this.)
Marina They are very very different books. Her writing style is still there but I found that Station Eleven had more intriguing and surprising "connections" between all the different characters whereas Glass Hotel does not. I also found that it took a good while for the book to catch up to its own synopsis. I'd also say Station Eleven is more grounded is a sci-fi subgenre whereas Glass Hotel is more contemporary with a hint of paranormal.
Sinead I would say if you enjoy her writing style, you'll easily love her other stuff. For me I haven't read this one yet, but I can't wait to get into it.

Out of her 4 currently released books: Station Eleven is one of my favourite reads ever. "The Singer's Gun" I also loved (would recommend next if you haven't read it). "Last Night in Montreal" is very much worth a read too, while "The Lola Quartet" wasn't quite as captivating, but still good.
Jayd No, you will hate it. You will wonder when the story is going to start; you will think there are some nice passages; your anger will only be outpaced by your disappointment that she wrote THIS story.
Calliope Bookish Update: Read it and was underwhelmed. But still love her writing style!
Peter If you enjoyed Station 11 because of the post-apocalyptic setting and are a big fan of genre-books this might disappoint. Set in modern times and is a character drama without much of any fantasy/supernatural element.

Emily's writing skills are excellent without a doubt, but for me honestly I couldn't care less about any of these characters or the problems they encounter. Perhaps she's trying to tap into the reality tv audience that loves to pry in one the lives of privilege, but I couldn't find any sympathy or empathy for the people in this book as much as I wanted to.
Jill I give Station Eleven a 5 star rating, The Glass Hotel a 4 star rating. I think you'd like it, even if it doesn't rise to the stature of Station Eleven.
Marcio Saito I liked The Glass Hotel better. While Station Eleven had strong backdrop (pandemic dystopia), I felt it jumped from one character to another without exploring them in depth. The Glass Hotel has a more mundane backdrop and, though the first half of the book follows the same pattern of telling a story through smaller stories, I found that characters were more fully developed, making it a more satisfying read.
D Haha, no.

Oh is my answer too short, Amazon? Ok, well I have no idea what you like Calliope, so you may love this one. You might love it even more than Station Eleven. But, if you're like me and loved the spirit and tone of SE, you're not going to find any of that in this one. No heart whatsoever.
Steph C I am wondering the same! Station Eleven is one of my top books of all time!
Eli They are both good books, so yes. But liking one does not indicate that you will like the other because they are very different from one another.
Cath Ennis I loved both, although they are quite different. There are even some references to Station Eleven in this book - a shared character (a minor player in Glass Hotel - I had to read a synopsis of Station Eleven to be fully sure that I was remembering some of the details correctly and that it was (almost certainly) the same person), a reference to the Georgian flu, and possibly some more that I missed
Mary Ann I absolutely loved Station Eleven and I could not put The Glass Hotel down. I read it very quickly. I love the author's writing style. I admit that her style would not suit everyone. I found that I had to reread several parts of the book to keep details straight. I also love a story that is a strong character study. It is amazing how the author tied up all the loose ends for a satisfying conclusion to the story.
Kathryn Cope I found the storyline and characters less engaging than in Station Eleven. However, if you love the quality of this author's prose, it's still worth reading.
Kathleen I loved Station Eleven. I really disliked this book. I felt like I was wading through sludge.
Pontus Östlund Yes, unless you only liked Station Eleven for the post-apocalyptic storyline. This is like Station Eleven without the apocalypse.
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