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Just read the book. To be honest I could not believe how selfish Becky acted in the book. I think Shopaholic should end now. Its no longer funny but on the verge of Becky being a selfish, psycho bitch. This book was just a mistake.

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adele But, wait: when has Becky NOT been a selfish, psycho bitch? I've been hate reading these books for a decade now, and I still love them.
Lindsay I wish "bitch" wasn't the first thing all women rushed to call each other, whether they're real or fictional.
Niya Vlahova OK. It's not just me. First I would like to say that I adore Sophie Kinsella and have given out so many of her books to friends hooking them up. However I am not sure that I would have finished this book if I did not have to commute. I really think it has ran out.The book still was funny but Becky comes across as so annoying and selfish that I barely made it. It also end with a cliff hanger which I find a bit disappointing.
Barbara Thank God someone said what I was feeling! I thought there was something wrong with me. I no longer find Becky's antics funny and actually don't like her very much at all. If this is the last Shopaholic book I won't miss them. Update:May 2014 I finished this book ten authors ago and am never going back to Sophie again.
Mária Your're right. I thought she was just really, really stupid. More annoying than fun.
Catalina I actually don't think she was that selfish, she just acted a little bit immature. She was just: "Wow, I am in LA, with all the famous ppl, I want to be famous too" she was just taken a little by the wave, but still she didn't do anything that any of us wouldn't do. All the other characters were just concerned with their problems and very easy considered Becky the guilty one. Look her dad was every time just: "did you find my friend, where are my autographs" I mean he had a lifetime to find his friend and did nothing and he wants Becky, in her first days in LA to just go and find his friend. And she did try to find out why he came to LA and he just said "It's my business" and Luke actually sustained him in it, telling Becky she shouldn't interfere, cause her dad is an adult. But afterwords it was all Becky's fault for not insisting. And Suze? Well she was soooo happy to come to LA, to go to that silly rehab, she pushed Tarky to get undressed and play volleyball, and forced him to go to dinners and stuff and when everything turns bad...well it's again Becky's fault for taking them to Golden sh.. Really, sometimes I am amazed how people have no insight when they read stuff and just grab the first impression and go with it to the stars..
Sarah Lee Yeah, she's always kind of been selfish and even a bit immature/irresponsible, but I think this book is what really pushed it over the edge for me. Instead of being selfish to just one person or about one thing in this book she's just being selfish overall to all of her friends and family. I'm now reading the books to see what happens with the rest of the characters but I'm really starting to dislike Bcky soooo much!
Ruth Saberton Becky is still an amusing character but mainly because she has no lack of insight at all. When she spends a fortune at the spiritual development centre after attending her 'cure shopaholic behavior' therapy, I laughed very hard indeed - but then I am living on an island where I see this kind of all the time. Do we still love Becky? I'm not so sure I love her quite as much as I did. In the first book I totally identified with her financial plight and the frantic get rich plans. (Lottery ticket last chance saloon, anyone?) but one think remains a constant - I do still adore Sophie Kinsella. Her comedic talent is wonderful.
Agnes Inez I felt the same. Not funny and quite disappointing plots too.
Brittney Old to answer, but finally got to the book. I agree. The others she was selfish, but it was pulled off as funny. This one took her selfishness to a whole new level and wasn't enjoyable.
The Book Crusader She's always been selfish. self-absorbed, and possessing a "my shit doesn't stink" attitude and "I'm always the victim" mentality.

In the first book, look at how many times she whines about how "unfair" it is that she is expected to pay off her huge debts and overdrafts, and how she thinks her bank manager is being a jerk for doing his job and not giving her special privileges.

Or in her short-lived time as a sales-clerk when she refused to let a customer try on a pair of jeans so that she could keep them for herself and then had the gall to act like she was somehow the one wronged for being called out on her extremely unprofessional behavior.
Colleen She wrote one more book... "Shopaholic to the Rescue". Becky totally redeems herself & all troubles get wrapped up nicely.
Christine Becky was much more annoying in this book, to the point that I was going to give up the series, until it finished with a cliffhanger. I actually wonder if Kinsella knows that this book was lacking and tacked on the cliffhanger so as to maintain the series' fan base.
Becky has got to get it together and start growing up, she has a child and a husband and yet acts like she is still single with no one else to take care of. After all these years she is has not matured one bit.
Emily I agree this book was a total mistake. No way I'm wasting my time reading how it ends in the next book.
Stina Dansie I'm thinking maybe Sophie just isn't in the shopaholic-mode anymore. Apart from a few laugh out loud moments (there were a few) I thought the story line was weak.
I didn't think Becky's character was any more selfish than anyone elses' but it certainly wasn't as funny as before. I thought Luke was kind of a jerk in this book, actually. The best part about his character is his love and adoration of Becky - no matter how crazy she acts. And we didn't really get to see that Luke until the very end on the empty red carpet.
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