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Another little girl led trilogy? Seems like this would have been a good time to introduce maybe an adult male to this universe to mix it up a bit. But I'm sure I will read it and love it. How are the cast of characters?

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Laurence Bell What a strange comment. Given how many books are male led it's amazing that it only takes two female led ones in a row before people start to worry. Talk about thin skin.
Kate Here, let me help you find some male-led fiction: ~gestures wildly to the entirety of literature for the past thousand years~
Dusty Wallace It's almost like he's writing the stories he wants to without consulting every whiny little asshole on the internet.
Lexi "Seems like this would have been a good time to introduce maybe an adult male to this universe to mix it up a bit."

kellybuds Mark Lawrence has so much work that is centered around men though. I think because people really taking to the characters so much in the Book of the Ancestor series might be part of the reason why he's decided to lead with women (a woman because I don't know how many characters in this are man or woman) again. Anyway, it will probably be just as fantastic as anything else he's done.
Isla There's a great cast of characters! I'm around halfway through at the moment, and I'm sure that if you can't relate to the main character (who is 16 I believe, so I wouldn't call her a 'little girl') there's bound to be someone who you will like.
Brendan Davis You sound like the mayor of crybaby town
Andy Lewis Wait - what?

This, and the Ancestor series are great books! Why change such a fundamental part of a setup that works so well?

Also - there's plenty of great male characters in this universe. Maybe they're not the main POV characters, but they're still good.
shunnaoaddict Well, I didn't like Prince of Thorns or Red Queen War, but I loved Book of Ancestor, so as far as I'm concerned he can stick to women :)

Also, cry, baby! Cry =^.^=
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho I don't mind girl/woman oriented novels UNLESS they are woke trash.
You can have a strong female - but the problem with some fantasy books is that the person is woman but behaves like a man.

It's the same as politics. You may have some politics opinion but shoving down one's throat it's wrong - well, as writer you (when I say you I don't mean "you Mark Lawrence" it's anyone, you can write whatever you want. I may not buy the book if it doesn't interest me. That's my liberty.

That's why I purchase several books by Ken McLeod the sci-fi writer but he writes so bluntly communist propaganda that I felt compelled to drop out. It's not just for me. This is nothing against being left-oriented politics - my own country is left-leaning. BUT I have the liberty to skip it.

Thank you for your book Mark. Keep writing what you want.
Claire Kreutzberger Most people seem to have taken that question seriously. As for me, I'm not planning on feeding the troll anytime soon.
Sarah Wynker Yeah, i find it a bit strange too. Especially, because his earlier work and what he's publishing now are miles apart (Prince of Thorns and Red War). I'm curious as to why such a departure. I do wonder which of his work he likes most. Personally, I thought his best work were the earlier one. Just had more fire and more interesting characters.

Marketing wise, I guess having female-led series might be easier to sell. And maybe the author thought he might be able to attract a bigger audience.

Among people who reviewed this particular novel, I feel like so far, I'm seen mostly women reviewers talk about it (they got ARC). Maybe there are more men who already reviewed it, but I just found it interesting
Paola It's true that we haven't seen that much male leading characters since the Illiad was written. Such a shame!
Aasta Well, you are correct, but only half for this Fantasy genre.Some authors have done it correct with both girl/boys in their book.

The cast, to be honest, is weird, i liked the Red Sister better.This one is more tropey and consist of an annoying MC with the supporting ones lacking the roundness, but has good world-building and twist and turns at every corner.

Well, i read it because it may lead to somewhere bigger and badass.
Miguel Imagina Try the "Broken Empire" Trilogy.
Also by Mark Lawrence and one of the best I've ever read.
Mary I am a woman and totally agree with your comment. It is hard these days to pick up a book that is NOT female led. Don't get me wrong. I love a good strong female character, but lately it seems we need to emasculate the males to achieve it. The pendulum has swung to the far edge again, but I am hoping for balance.
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