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She said that she would never ever write about Lestat, why has she changed her mind?

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Tracy This question has been answered by Rice herself in many of the interviews that have come out for this book. At one time she truly thought she had nothing left for Lestat. She took time away, wrote different books, and then decided to reread that entire series. And creatively she was stimulated again, once again she heard Lestat's voice, and knew she had tales to share again.

Marcos Do you really believe she wants more money? She have lots of money, why more? Maybe it's a small reason, but in reality it's the world she created, she truly cares about her characters. I believe it's more about a change of consciousness and going back to old favourites than anything else. Also she is in constant contact with her fans, in her FB or other mediums, and going back to the VC it's a gift for us too.
Pat Martin money, money, money, money, money
Rebecca Ohair You never said "never again" and changed your mind?
Michelle I agree that is money, money, money but I am too happy to care, care , care.
Terri I was disappointed when she stopped writing about the vampires. Her religious books remain unread on my shelves. I am not alone in welcoming the return of a favorite.
Gothicromantic Maybe money is involved, too, but I believe that she really cares about Lestat and her books - think how negative reviews make her so angry - and fans have asked her more about Vampire Chronicles.
Dorian Jandreau I believe because her fans asked so much about writing new book of VC series.
And probably because her newest books about werewolves didn't get so popular, so she decided to get back to what brings her most money and fame.
Gueneviere Her Facebook Fans have inspired her, no doubt, as does her desire to revert back to The Vampire Chronicles after denouncing Christianity. I am so happy she has returned to her gothic roots with Prince Lestat and The Wolf Gift Series, although all of her books are enthralling. Here's a link to her FB Fan Page where she interacts with fans daily:
Ce After trying to come back to the Catholic Church and finding out it was not going to be under her rules, I guess she felt the need to shelter again in her obscure characters. May she one day realize it is not our will, but God's will.
Robin Brenizer Because he is eternal and undead. She had no choice.
Kaitlyn She's done that over and over. Memnoch was going to be the Last One. Then Blood Canticle. Then Prince Lestat. I think Body Thief at one point may have been the Last One. Then she writes other books, they don't do as well, and suddenly she's back to writing another Vampire Chronicles novel.
Donna Waggott Money money more money but who cares ,thought we would never read of the brat prince again. Thankyou miss rice
Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Probably for the same reason J K Rowling swore the Harry Potter series was over, and then suddenly started another installment. Money, media attention, fan adulation.
Patriciaenola Having read all the reviews - I have clearly learned something - "Don't read reviews!!"
Dhawal Narang Lestat is the star of the show. The hero. The protagonist. Virtually the life and soul of the Vampire Chronicles. I didn't read any books of her after Memnoch because the soul was gone from the story. Now it has come back and the story has awakened like the Queen of the Damned was awakened by Lestat. And I'm interested once again. Don't really care why she brought him back but I'm very happy that it happened.
Mercedes Rochelle I saw a real desire to tie things together. There were a lot of loose ends
Arturo De la torre It was the People from the Page, she even dedicated the book to them. Reading all about people in all ages loving the books made her get up and write, as Akasha did with Lestat's music...
Andro Meda Why wouldn't she? I'm glad she did
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