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But if the moon isn't there when it's not observed, how does it's force of gravity and gravity's effect on the tides still continue at an observable, predictable times for thousands of years. Our mental construct of objective reality must be awfully close to correct. And even if we have a very incorrect view of reality, we will never ever be able to overcome our interface problem to know that... so book is pointless?

Marvin K. Harris The theory states that the image of the moon in our conscious experience is a simplified representation, molded by our evolutionary constraints. It is not saying there is no reality when we look away, but that constructed mental image that you experience is not real.

Take it seriously but not literally. Not taking things literally opens up our mind to other mental models of reality that we wouldn't otherwise. That is the importance of this theory.
Maciej Sitko A moon is an interface (representation) behind which there are ultimately plank scale conscious agents encoded on 2-dimensional imprint.
Jan Not only the moon but all of spacetime, matter, gravity etc., all of physics is a mental construct, which is internally consistent, and does correspond to real, objective reality but doesn't resemble it at all. Like your desktop icons correspond to computations carried out by silicon circuits in the computer, but don't resemble them at all.

Hoffman says reality is a network of interacting conscious agents that can be expressed by mathematics, which should eventually show us how quantum physics, spacetime, physical objects and the laws of nature are constructed in our interface. In this way it would come within the grasp of scientific inquiry. In fact he is working on this.
Forked Radish As long as the moon, because it's just a hologram, is observed by someone, it'll be there. The Earth is just a hologram too, and so are you!
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by Donald D. Hoffman (Goodreads Author)
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