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Should I need to read the First book to understand the plot?

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Kevin Read book 1 first! Why would you want to skip the first book? ... the first book is amazing!
Nele With all the mindblows at the end of book one I hope you haven't actually read book two first.
Cj Would you read The Two Towers before The Felowship? (or) Chamber of Secrets before Sorcerer's Stone? You should not start at #2 in a series.
Michael This is a dumb question.
Brandon Osborn Absolutely - you will cheat yourself if you don't.
Pete Murphy Short answer, yes, you really need to read the first book as a lot of the story is developed there, this is a continuation of the saga and will be 10 books long. Quite a commitment but I recommend it, very entertaining series..
Rob Yes, just yes. The bulk of the world & character building went on in book one
John Paul Feehily I would strongly advise it. There are some brief recaps/introductions to what has happened previously, but these are aimed at those who read book #1 a while ago and may need the reminders. This is a series of novels designed to be read in order. While they could be read out of sequence it would be very confusing and spoil the surprises of earlier books.
Murilo Garcia Yes, you should, the plot is very complex. And the first book is really good.
Jan The first book is slow at times, but character building is important. Without the history you'll never understand them. And the first book is the foundation for the series. You can't understand someone unless you know where they come from, trust, agony, betrayal, determination. Life lessons. The main characters are young, I think we are going to follow them through a lifetime of trials and tribulations. I just hope he keeps Dalinar around to the end!!
Dubei Emanuel i think the first book is the highest rated book on this site... so yeah, READ IT!
Toviel So I know this is a three year old question with lots of answers, but I thought I should answer as someone who frequently reads fantasy series out of order, and genuinely tried to read the second book first:

Yeah, you need to read the first book.

Not for the plot-- the first few chapters of the second book sum it up really well-- or because of how "good" the first book is, but because of the world building. Sanderson didn't write your typical fantasy world, and there are a plethora of original concepts. It becomes very confusing very confusing very fast.
Matt Yes. Without question.
Christopher Diffley you should, it's a wonderful book!

if for some reason you really want to jump ahead, i suppose this would be a good place to start, but i really would not recommend it

Lachendwolvie You could start with book #2. You'll either be lost and learning in book #1 or in book #2. Take your pick.
Brent Without question read book one first.
Mr Shroom obviously, oh just skip to book ten its fine :)
Rachel omg yes definitly read #1 first
Anastasia This would be one of the stupidest moves one could make with a Brandon Sanderson book. DO NOT! and I repeat, DO NOT SKIP THE FIRST BOOK!
Christopher Reynolds Yes... :-) You MUST!
Josh Definitely read book one first. Book two is a straight continuation from book one. The characters go through huge changes in book one and set up the significance of where they are currently in book two. Basically, none of the main characters' story lines will have any meaning to you if you don't know where they came from and how they got to where they are.
Kimberly Absolutely! Why would you want to do that?
Charleston Ducote Yes unfortunately
Bro Yes. You need to do so. The first book is great as well
Jason You would not understand the plot nearly enough if you din't read the first book first.
Sean Atwood Since it's a continuing story, yes, of course. Also, the first one is a great book, so why would you want to miss out on it?
Arielle Definitely! You need to read the first book first. Too much worldbuilding and character developments to miss, especially at the end.
Michael Greene These books hit the 1k page mark. You will be lost if you don't lol.
Jeff C Absolutely read book one first. After reading this book, I was also told that I should have read Warbreaker (free on Brandon Sanderson's website http://brandonsanderson.com/books/war... ) in-between the two books.
Alessio Zatti The books are self contained, but I sugugest you to start from the first.
Tim Bergmann If you are thinking about getting into this series, there is no reason to skip the 1st book. Besides, it is well worth the read.
Avaminn F'nett Yes, you definitely do, but why wouldn't you want to read it? The first may not be as good as this one, but is still very good.
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