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With all the different books 'about' Celtic mythology what caused you to write this book Beyond the Gloaming? How did you come to cast Sebastian Duffy as our hero? I love new ideas when it includes something old(and possibly known about by people in general) combined with a totally new slant on things. I believe that Beyond the Gloaming is just such a book and look forward to reading it!

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Linde's Hofje i'm also delayed! :) hope you cope with your dad's passed away..
i daughter i read her your previeuw of your bokk and she loves it! she is 10 en just learning englisch at school :)
Brendan Murphy Dear Karen, I'm so sorry about the delay, unfortunately my father passed away and I have been in England for the funeral. In answer to your questions, I’ve always been fascinated by mythologies, whether Greek, Nordic or Egyptian. Grwowing up in an Irish family, I had been dipping in and out of Celtic mythology for years and wanted to write a book loosely based upon it. I began to construct the gestalt of Hibercadia – the world my characters inhabit – by developing its geography, language, politics, history etc. The storylines came easily and I had six books plotted out before I had begun on the first. I wanted to write a rip-roaring adventure series like the ones I had loved a as child, but I also wanted to portray a number of other things: the loneliness of childhood trauma; how children deal with grief; the soothing power of dreams and dissociation; and the external forces acting on the moral and psychological landscape of a child turning teenager. The book is not only an homage to Celtic mythology, it’s also an allegory of the Irish troubles; I had grown up through much of it in the 1960s and 70’s, and my grandfather had been a lieutenant in the Irish Volunteers, later to be renamed the IRA, in the Easter Rising, in 1916.
Sebastian came about quite by chance. The protagonist of the book was to be a girl as we had been led to believe that my son Sebastian was to be a girl when my wife, Katrina, had her first scan, of course that all changed and now I have to write a series for Violette (and that is in hand, or at least in mind). It was Sebastian, himself, who provided the greatest storyline for the book, a secret that is unveiled midway through Part I. Other than this, the character was not based on him at all, and if I had any notions about it being based on me, that was quickly dismissed by the character, himself, who leapt from the book Peter Pan style to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that he was the hero, not I.
Thank you so much for taking the time to ask questions! Take care and have a great day.
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