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Do all the capital letters create a secret message in Imaginary Friend?

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Dianna (SavingsInSeconds blog) Aside from the secret message, I think the odd capitalization was supposed to show the opposite of God. For example -- instead of saying "His" voice (as one would for God), the text said "hiS" for the nice man's voice. Near the very end, a play on words is used with the word dEvil to emphasize "evil".

I could be completely off the mark, of course!
Robert One note from David had a hidden message that was pointed out. I looked for hidden messages later and didn't find any. It's just a weird technique.
Allison Kuznia Oh, my gosh, I was wondering this too! I kept track of them for most of the book and they didn't amount to anything. Also, what about the underlined words? I kept track of those too and wondered if they would unscramble to form some sort of significant thought, but couldn't make heads or tails of those either.
The Story Girl I'm wondering this too! I tried to keep track of them for a while, and they were just nonsensical, so I'm guessing not. But then why did he use the technique? I read through a ton of goodreads review, and how come no one else brought this question up? Not sure if he was trying to mislead us with those capital letters because with David, they do have a hidden meaning. But then for the rest of the book, they don't?
Chelsie Riggle I came here to figure this out, too! I just finished the book. I was keeping track of the uppercase letters & underlined words but stopped because I couldn’t make sense of them. Hmmm.
Madeline Nixon By far the most capitalizations were in Chapter 102. I wrote them all down in that chapter and it’s gibberish. I don’t understand the use of them but if you can decipher any of this, be my guest:

I s e s I c s s h o h a n I k t h
Lexis Jane I kept track of these aswell in the begining I was able to get "ID TELL AMBROSE NO. END ME DAVID" and then throughout the rest I couldn't figure out anymore. I would pick up a couple words here and there like "HIM" and "EVE" but not much after that.
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