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Victor Lopez asked:

Which is your favorite story in the book and why?

Victor Lopez My favorite story is "Eternal Quest". It is a story that I wrote in my second year of college as a young old man of 19 and that still resonates with me. Although it has undergone light revision over the years, it remains largely as first written and its message is still important to me.

No spoiler here, but it incorporates a sonnet I also wrote at about the same time ("Ode to Innocence") that is also still my favorite of all my published and unpublished poems. My creative writing professor at the time and my poetry workshop professor criticized the themes of both works as "anti intellectual" which I think missed the point. I've devoted my own life to the pursuit of knowledge both in the areas I teach and in the many other areas that remain of interest to me. But there is more to life than the accumulation of knowledge, and pursuing any worthwhile cause with mindless tenacity seldom leads to a good end.

The story is ultimately about things that I prized then and now even more than knowledge, far more, and without which life has no meaning: friendship, loyalty, love.

I don't need to quest for ultimate truth--I knew the most important truth of all as a child before my loss of innocence. I know it today as a man in middle age. No books are needed to learn the most crucial truth of all, and no communion with the sages of the ages will teach it to us--it is all around us, and we all knew it as children before we learned to think too much.
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