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Why is this book written by a woman? Also, how would women feel if a book called, "For the Love of Women: A New Vision for Mindful Femininity" came out and was written by a man?

Alison C How women would feel about a book called "For the Love of Women: A New Vision for Mindful Femininity", written by a man, would likely depend very much on the actual content of the book. You don't suggest what that content would be, so I find your question irrelevant. In modern democratic countries, women and men can generally write on any topic they choose. Of course, whether the resulting books are useful/ well-written is a different matter.
Ladyfilosopher actually, i think this is a great question, and one I am struggling with when i look for material BY MEN about being a more humane man, DEARTH. I would not value a book by men, (the ones holding the power that would make this book questionable) telling me how to be a less toxic woman. In power dynamics, learning from those who have managed to survive toxic sexism all these millenia has a different air about the sincerity of the material and offering. And women in old and new religions have been the wise ones.....
MEN!!! Start writing about this topic so that women do not have to, sort of like cleaning up your room before you are asked to...
Danielle123c This is an interesting question. I suppose in answering it one has to look at whether she acknowledge her positionality and if she factor in possible limitations (e.g. writing about the male bodied experience from a female body). Writing from about experiences removed from ones own, has disadvantages as well as advantages. One such advantage is one can bring a new interpretation, since the individual is somewhat distanced from the embodied experience and can find “obvious” interactions as peculiar and therefore worth investigating.

With good data collection, insight from other scholarly resources and a sense of self awareness, authors have written and analyzed experiences different from their own, but I believe their work should always be read in conversation to authors with lived experiences to get a holistic picture.
J While I have read books worth recommending on this topic by women (e.g. Alison Armstrong), "For the Love of Men" unfortunately is not one of them. I touch on your question in my review here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
Olivia Hern Just gonna remind you that Steve Harvey (male) wrote a book with the following title: 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man'
Thomas I actually really like that a woman was willing to seriously engage with masculinity - so often, men write men's books and women write women's books and we end up having completely separate literatures, it seems.
I liked her outsider perspective, even though I didn't always feel like she quite hit the nail on the head. It was definitely worth reading even for a man.
Amir Talai I dont know, "Hilary". Why dont you tell us what you think, "Hilary"?
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