Hawk Strattus
Hawk Strattus asked:

why does every highly rated book have to be about a girl!?!!?!?!?!?

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Josephine Angelini Cause i said so.
Brooke Venning Because why not? There is no lack of books and stories starring boys/men. Girls deserve some of the spotlight and they deserve to grow up reading about strong, skilled, courageous young women that they can look up to. Or just for the sake of reading a good book! AND because the author's response was awesome. :)
Shruthi Because the market for books is geared toward girls. Teenage females have a higher consumer rate than teenage males.

There are books that are about boys though, some notable ones include Proxy, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Legend, I'll Give You The Sun and Scorpio Races, are all very good books that alternate between male and female perspectives.
Amanda Funny, I was literally just thinking last night "I'm so glad there are FINALLY options for books with a female lead." When I was in high school, it was like finding a needle in a haystack to get your hands on a book with a good female protagonist. Even later, female led books were almost always a damsel in distress and no more than that. So, my answer is, because it's about darn time. I get not wanting to read a book when you can't truly relate to the main character but, there are PLENTY of options out there. Maybe you just have to look harder?
Rin Coz girls are awesome
Jacquelyn Liked because the author's response was beautiful.
Alexandra Montgomery Because girls deserve to be highly praised. ;D
Bryce Why do boys need to get upset that there are books about girls?
Amy There are plenty of books about boys, and male characters tend to dominate other media (such as TV and movies).
Rachael boys are boring
Aliza because there are not enough powerful women in the world so books are given to people as an influence to step forward in society more and create a difference, oh and not all high rated books have the leading role to be a girl it's just what's preferred these days because of the teenage girls screaming around with too much feels to handle
Eve It's a good thing too... These days a lot of books portray the female characters as weak, scared women who get rescued by the male character. WHY??????? -_- Women are better than that.
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