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Emily Perkins asked:

I read the prologue and was really disappointed that it was in 2nd Person perspective. Is the whole book going to be like this?

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Tamsyn Muir The whole book is not written in the second person perspective, which is revealed pretty early on (right after the prologue!). I will say, though, that if that kind of narration absolutely sinks your boat, this may not be the book for you -- there will very probably be more excerpts of HARROW THE NINTH as time goes by, though, so you will be able to see for yourself whether or not your boat can stay afloat. :)
Leslie Anderson I was a little thrown by the 2nd person, but there's it turns out it's a stylistic choice that has an in-narrative reason. The reveal is cool.
Bill T. There is, with very few exceptions, no excuse for writing a story in the second person.

This story is one of the exceptions.

Don't let the perspective deter you from reading it, it stops being too distracting after a while, and, as another answer hinted, the reason so much of it is in the second person does eventually come clear and make sense.
Elenora I know how you feel, but if you like the series, you should stick with it. Second person can make sense, and can be gotten over. I mean, when I started the Fifth Season, I asked my colleague who'd gotten me into it if the second person perspective was going to stick around for long.
Bastard said "oh no, there is very little of it" – a barefaced lie. There are second person chapters throughout the entire trilogy.
However I was so caught by the story, I not only didn't care, I was grateful for the lie, lest I'd have discouraged myself to read on.
Gideon the Ninth was brilliant, give some credit to the author, she may well make the story worth it.
Jessica Most, but not all, of this book is written in second person perspective. There is a good reason for it. Few authors can pull it off well, and I am always massively impressed when they do - and here I was massively impressed!
Skylar I didn't understand why 2nd person view was used either, but actually it makes so much sense. It's SO WELL DONE! If you enjoyed Gideon the Ninth and want to know more about what happens in the story, do not let 2nd person deter you! I promise it's so worth it when everything comes together. I cannot wait for book 3.
Kasey Turner The perspective alternates with chapter changes. The 2nd person perspective persists through the book, but not in every chapter.
Kristian Pettersen Prologue? There is a prologue available? Raaaahhhh! *scours the internets*
Marcy Chestnut I loved Gideon the Ninth, so I will stick with it, but I HATE the 2nd person narration. It's completely unnecessary and distracting.
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