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Celaena will always choose Chaol?

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Brenna Hogg • Really Into Reading I don't know, I think that they still need to end up together. There is something to be said about someone who loved her before he knew who she really was... Plus, he is the most loyal and self sacrificing... it has to happen.

I think that there are still 3 more books and a LOT can change in those three books,.... think of how Celaena has grown? I hope that Sarah give Chaol a change to grow as well and they can hopefully grow back together, because he is my FAVOURITE.
Michelle Dear god I hope not! Chaol was perfect for her in ToG and CoM but, Calaena's changed so much I feel like they just don't fit together anymore.

Anyways there are much more exciting prospects revealed in HoF *wink wink* :P
Paula I agree with Brenna completely. Chaol and Celeana worked so well in CoM (for the short time they had). I felt like he was on the road to growing up in HoF, and I think (hope!!!!!!) they'll end up back together.
Val I agree with Michelle. They used to be fantastic together but too much has changed. I'm for Rowan now.
Shannon Lewinski Well, as it was said in the book: Celaena will always take Chaol back, but Aelin will not or cannot.
Shima Dear god I hope not, He is the only male character that I don't ship with celeana! I used to really like him in ToG but found him annoying in CoM, He is a great character on his own but being with Celeana overshadows him completely. In my opinion he is more suited for a softer love interest.

Still at the moment I feel like maybe no one is going to end up with Celeana, She took off Chaol's ring which pretty much slammed that door. Her romantic relationship with Dorian seemed completely over in CoM - unfortunately :( - Her relationship with Rowan seemed somewhat platonic which was both adorable and a bit disappointing and despite the fact that Aedion didn't seem against the idea she seemed to find the thought of marrying him ridiculous.

The fangirl in me would surely be disappointed but I think there would be something strong if despite the long list of suiters, Celeana didn't end up with anyone, but ended up as a wonderful queen - married to her people-
Samia I absolutely agree with you Brenna. With the introduction of Aedion and Rowan, chaol has been completely relegated behind the Alpha men in HoF. I hoped the next books will have provide more character development for Chaol to prove that he is still as strong as he felt to all of us in ToG.
Michelle A part of me will always love Chaol and so will Celaena but the girl who'll emerge from this book is not Celaena. It's Aelin, and Aelin will not love Chaol the way Celaena did. I think, I think that's what hurt me the most in this book- realising that maybe it's better for them to keep away for each other. No matter how close they were in the past, she has changed for the better. She has grown, and so has he. Unfortunately, they've also both grown apart.
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