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Boni Aditya Reading books is a painful activity, more so if you are doing a mindful reading. I wrote an article about it - please check it out here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/can-yo...

Now that we have a problem, here is the solution

1. Use a TTS Reader - I love using Natural Reader on Windows, Claro Reader on Mac and Dream Reader on IOS, those are the best ones. They will read the book for you and reduce a few steps in reading, i.e. you can close your eyes and hear to them read it out for you

2. Use Amazon Mechanical Turk and split the PDF you want to read into 100 pages, and give each page to be transcribed for 1 cent. With only one dollar you can get recorded mp3 audio book of a book of your choice and you can listen to it any time you want, while you stare at the book.

3. Not all books can be read by closing your eyes, for some books it is important that you have the book before you eyes, while you are reading. Sitting down and mindfully reading is extremely difficult, i.e. you fall into sleep or get distracted. I used a favorite technique of mine, but it requires a good tablet and an empty room, a big conference room for this to work. You should record the book on your ipad, while you are walking. The advantage of this technique is that it is a brute force technique, while you are walking you can't fall asleep and when you are reading, you don't have to understand what you are reading, you can quickly read i.e. force yourself to read out loud, you will get whatever you get in the first go, and if you feel uncomfortable that you might have missed a few paragraphs or pages, that you have read but have not understood, you don't have to record the entire book again, you can listen to the recording you have created, to cover the book with ease.
This technique is useful when you have books that have large number of pictures, that need to be seen, or flowcharts or graphs in business books, without which the text would not make any sense.

4. Another method I have developed for reading or forcing oneself to read is an extremely brute force method and you must be good at typing for this to work. It would also help if you have a two screen set up. I would just type out the entire book from the first like to the last, to force myself to read a book that I abhor. I did this during my college to force my brain to read subjects that it was unwilling to read.

5. Last but not the least, if you don't have access to a computer, you can merely take out a rough notes and write down the entire book from the first line to the last, this is another way of processing the book, when you hate the book very much.

6. Romantic method(not for me): If you have someone who loves you very much, so much that they are willing to keep up with your disabilities, your mom for instance, ask him/her to read the book for you, while you rest in their lap and listen to the book and take a peek occasionally when you miss some clarity! This is the best way to read a book if you ask me! Least amount of effort!
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