Mikan asked:

Will we get to read about Dixie and Dean? Any Dixie/Dean fans out there?

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c'slibrary noo. im still not over how fast he replaced rosie. he can be happy but i wouldnt need to read abt it...
Sunbon Hopefully not, putting Dixie as his second love 1 YEAR after the death of Rosie( 2 chapters for us readers) was a cop out. Dean hasn't even scratched the surface of healing and he's already touching pinkies with another lady, that he just met a year ago too...right Lol as if. I already dislike Pretty Reckless if I see PDA between Dean and Dixie in Angry God. Imma pretend lie the all saints high series doesn't exist, I can live with that. Sorry for the rant
aslostasnemo not even going to liee I NEED IT NOW... like i'm trying to be patient, but i can't wait until it's announced... it's genuinely one of the books i'm anticipating the most!!
Mikan Wow! So many mixed reactions.

To be honest, I can't pick a side, as I can relate to both sides (Dean NOT being with anyone, and the possibility of him being with Dixie).

Dean and Rosie were on an amazing roller coaster on the rails of life. Their love is to be cherished forever! Agreed.

At the same time, I also think of how extremely hard it is for Dean.
He and the children are the ones left to feel the weight of the excruciating pain.
Definitely it would take him YEARS (Like I said earlier, HE SHOULD, as she literally was made to become his everything) to get used to the void left by Rosie.

But like any human being, I feel he might get drawn to Dixie.
She has been through a really hard time as well.

Maybe, just maybe, Dean and Dixie might be able to bring each other out of their misery.

Its just an opinion.

Everyone can imagine their own alternate endings.
Whatever makes you happy with the story.

So nice to read all the different views!
Jen Nooooo.. I may not be a big fan of "Ruckus" but I'm not over Rosie's death. And it's shit when authors just pair up the people left with no partner. I mean, just because they're both single and Knight's parents doesn't mean they're endgame, even if Rosie wished it. And we know how stubborn and loyal Dean is.. I don't know if it's just me but I don't sense any chemistry with them.. Just no.
Melody No no no no rosie and dean are endgame
I don’t want him to move on so fast God I wish I hadn’t read broken knight
Ruckus had the perfect ending
Im so sad rn
Mile Lou I want to know more about how Dixie is doing :(
Beata I have the same question. I would like to know what happened next with Dean and Dixie? Maybe next story about Dean and Dixie?
Emma Hart NO! Dixie cannot replace Rosie. She was the love of his life and I do not think she can be replaced. Their love was not something I think can form again.
Des You guys are crazy. Dean deserves happiness and I have sympathy for Dixie. I Hope they get together and I hope there's a story. It's not replacing Rosie, but even she wanted him to move on. Rosie gave Luna a plan to help Dean move on. I hope they get a story together. I want to see them both happy.
Sarannya Yesss I hope so! Eagerly waiting...! He deserves it!
Mariangeles1912 I'm dying for this book!!!
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