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If I could give this now stars I would. I read it from cover to cover and it's nothing but a giant contradiction and clearly a fallacy. I mean, there were some good stories in the new testament but there's too much bullshit to appreciate the little seeds of truth that are there… thumbs down!

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Charles Warner People don't reject the Bible because it contradicts it's self people reject the Bible because it contradicts them self's.

"Truth looks like hate, to those who hate truth"

We as Christians must stand up for truth based on the Holy Bible, based on the Holy Spirit not on the latest trends.

Read the good book (The Holy Bible) it will... Exercise your mind, feed your soul & bless your heart.
Rob Smith Many a man and woman gave their lives to bring forward this text, regardless of the false churches and corrupt leaders, Christ gave his time to the poor and the dying, without his contributions, there would be no hospitals for the less fortunate, or schools for the ignorant. Jesus, single handed, blessed the world with literacy and compassion. Merry Christmas!
Jason Sullivan My advice would be to try and think of it not as fact, but as a work of fiction. That way all you have to do is think about the lessons it's trying to teach. Think about it like this, if you read a Harry Potter book under the assumption that it was based on fact then you would think it were ridiculous, but because you think of it as a work of fiction then it's enjoyable.

Take the story of Noah's Ark for example, when I was younger I thought it was not only stupid to believe, but also impossible that anyone could build a ship big enough to carry two of every animal, bird, and reptile for 30 days and nights. Not to mention the amount of food you would need for them and the size of the crew you would need to care for and clean up after them. It's obviously impossible. And it was nonsense like that that turned me off to the bible for many years.

Then one day it just dawned on me to think of it as a work of fiction written by some anonymous author, and when I did that I was able to look past the nonsense and actually see what the purpose of the stories were.

So in conclusion I suggest trying to read the bible in the same way you would watch a movie like twilight or harry potter, if you try and dissect everything that is fake or impossible then you won't enjoy it, but if you just read the bible as if it were a work of fiction written by say Stephen King then you might be able to get through it.

Hopefully this helps and I hope I was able to state this way of thinking towards the bible clearly (I've tried to explain this to other people and they just didn't get it).

Alex Really, why read the Bible if you're atheist? To give it downvote based on your own beliefs, or should I say, non-beliefs, then that is biased and irresponsible. Vote it based on what it represents and what it means to Christian individuals, not based on the fact that you don't believe in such things. It's like reading Twilight, knowing it's going to be bullshit, and expecting it to be fantastic. Don't go in reading something, if you're not willing to accept the ideas displayed.
Tyrone Wilson Many people completely misunderstand and interpret the Bible, so a comment like this does not surprise me. Such criticism begins with man's failure to recognize God as the creator, or blame Him for man's failures. The reality is the Bible codifies God's plan to redeem mankind from his sins and restore him to fellowship with a view toward eternity.
ironicinori I don't know where to start, but that is an incredibly closed minded ignorant view of the Bible. If you really did read it "cover to cover" (which I doubt) then you read it wrong.

All I can recommend is taking a class on Christianity, Theology, Scriptures. Or at the very least finding a good guide to discover what the Bible has to offer.
Samuel Rodriguez "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." 1 Corinthians 2:14

The scripture above is saying you don't even have the ability to understand the Bible as an unbeliever (natural man).

Like Jason Sullivan's objection to the animals that were on the ark Noah built. I am sure Jason is an intelligent man but his comments shows he doesn't understand what he read. "...two of every animal, bird, and reptile." The scripture doesn't say that. The key words he missed were "kind" & "sort".
Glenda I'm sorry but the hole thing is true
Lana The contraditions you find in the Bible is not from God but from man who has translated it over and over again. The book is only as good as the reader or should I saw conviction of the reader. Athiests are not hated by the Christian community they are more loved because they do not have the capability of seeing the biger picture or vision the book yields. If everyone simply took to heart the 10 Commandments we'd all live in a better world don't you think even if you took out the first three commandments.

We are all sick (sinful) people and the Bible for us is a cure for that sickness. We see it a a guide and the light and truth of something beyond what mankind can understand. It is called FAITH. The Bible isn't for everyone, nor is the Koran, or the Torah. I pray for your unenlightened mind that it may be opened and you can see beyond your understanding. Blessed be.
Jeff Sauri I was actually a catholic until I finally sat down and read the whole thing cover to cover. One really has to cherry pick to try to argue this a basis for morality.
Ryan this review is hilarious
Ryan Whether you're a Christian or not (it seems you are pretty obviously not-- not making any kind of judgment, I'm not one either), whether you believe this is in any way the work of a divine hand, etc., the Holy Bible undoubtedly is one of the most important works in the history of the world, and the quality of the writing within it is outstanding. There are passages of unbelievable beauty (many of the Psalms in particular) as well as amazingly descriptive and vivid depictions of horror, violence and what might be considered surrealism in a way (the Book of Revelation-- an incredible piece of writing).

I find most holy books to be very interesting to read and although I don't subscribe to a particular faith, I find that there are some great kernels of wisdom in nearly all of them. Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but if you allow yourself to be a bit more open-minded and accepting of ideas/religions/philosophies/etc. that you don't necessarily completely agree with, you may find that they can still have some value to you and they may help you to better understand people from different walks of life.
Mercy Fae I had the same thought. (I gave it one star. The bible is nothing but a fairy tale)
Dandelion Please listen to Jordan Peterson's bibilical lectures- if you take the bible so literally you are missing the point.
Billy Maybe you could read a different translation. KJV isn't the only one and they're many others to help people to understand the bible more by reading not one but many others.
Janice The natural man or woman can't receive the message of the spirit.- it is foolishness to them. We can read about Noah's Ark or other of the stories but not understand the spiritual message unless His Spirt lives in us and then it is opened up to us. A living book that thrills my soul and I learn fresh and anew every time I read and no matter how many times I read. It is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet.
Albert R It is I who am very skeptical to believe that you have bothered to try to understand the Bible. In fact, I can not believe you've actually read the entire Bible, because someone who already reads thinking about Manicheistic critique would never get even half the book.
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