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We should not have to change our vocabulary to add made up words all for the sake of someone else's identity. You have the right to be who you want, as long as it doesn't infringe on others. Does this book assert that it's somehow mandatory to use new pronouns?

Ashley Phelps All words were made at some point and the list of words always grows hence the new dictionaries. What a rude and ignorant thing to say. Yes you need to call people by the correct thing, its the human thing to do.
James How is your vocabulary changing. They/Them is I believe the most common additional pronoun individuals use. Researchers at the Oxford English Dictionary found that the use of 'they' as a singular pronoun dated back to the fourteenth century. The earliest example of the specific usage dates back to 1375.
K All words are made up.
Fay This book makes no assertions. It does address the long standing problems the lack of a gender neutral pronoun has wrought on English language since its conception. These issues have been legal, political, literary, and personal. This book provides historical context about the modern day discussion without asserting.

To assume the use of a gender neutral pronoun is limited to the use of someone else's identity is short sighted. This specific use case is symptom of a much larger failing of the English language that linguist and grammarians have been trying to solve for years... no centuries.
Corey It's not mandatory to use he or she or any other pronoun.

Grow up. The monsters don't exist.
Stephanie What's mandatory is respect. If you introduce yourself as John, it would be pretty nasty of someone to call you Beatrice just because that was someone else's idea of who you are. The same goes for pronouns. If it's too difficult for you to manage being respectful, there are plenty of good books out there that can help teach you to treat people with kindness, so you're not infringing on others with your rudeness. :)
Sieglinde If a person requests different pronouns than expected, do the polite thing and honor the request. Courtesy wins more people over than argument and politics
the worst person you've never met It is not mandatory to use any words.
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