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Kageyama Tobio YES!
81 pages in and I'm just fricking pissed at the word use.
Through the 81 pages that I have just read, it used bubbly in practically every page.
Jack Becker I see it as Westerfeld's way of showing us how Tally goes from being "pretty-minded" to more "cured" throughout the book. Trust me, I felt the same way at first, until I read on and realized it was just "pretty-talk," and from then on it was used more ironically, which I thought effectively showed the change in mind-set.
Rachel Bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs away screaming*
Heidi bubbly and bogus WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much so sick of it
Ginger (Sproutygamer) Yes, I look at it as saying cool all the time, but it got annoying
Kylie YES everything is bubbly!! The book is really good so look past the bubbliness!
Julia Hörmayer No. It's pretty obvious that the author did that on purpose, to show us how weak-minded those pretties are. I actually liked the change of language a lot, it helped so much to get into the world and the book.
Willa If you ask me yes. It says it basicly every page and plus the fact that it says it in many different contexts makes it very confusing. And as I said completely annoying.
T YES! I honestly never finished the book due to many reasons, but one of the biggest by far was the fact the constant appearance of the word "bubbly" drove me crazy.
Stephanie Froebel Yeah... just a tad. It probably could've used a stronger word that didn't sound so childish almost.
Megan You noticed it too? XD
Lilly Yes, this book does say this WAYYY to many times. I found it way too repetitive, and I hated the book because of it!
Amanda Garrington YES! it says bubbly way to much and sense he uses it so much it starts to get confusing and the word really looses meaning.
Booklover456 Yes :( But I think the author tried to make it like a word teenagers use often. Like "cool." But he replaced it with "Bubbly."
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by Scott Westerfeld (Goodreads Author)
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