Linda Hendrix
Linda Hendrix asked:

I had a problem with the audio version narrator, anyone else? I will have to read the book because I found the format so irritating.

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Heather Yep, I agree. Almost gave up on the book because of the narrator. I did slow him down. I usually listen to books at double the normal speed, but for this one, I couldn't understand him. I did finally settle into his speech. If it was written in first person, and this was a representation of the main character, maybe I would get it, but that isn't the case. You get viewpoints from a few different characters, so that doesn't seem to be an argument for me. I eventually enjoyed the book, but I agree with everyone about the narrator.
Jenny Lyn Senter Yes. I stopped it and started over with the hardbound book. It felt like a relief when I switched.
Lynda It's getting easier as I go along. At first I wanted to tell him to slow down and enunciate. Maybe if he continues to narrate this series he will do both.
Karen Miles Hi, I am currently reading this book and switching between the ebook and audiobook. I am not very impressed with the audio book narrator. I feel the pace is slow. I will post my review when done. This is my first book of Ann Cleeves.
Debra Maranjian I had to give up on the audio. I was looking forward to the authenticity of a British narrator, but his speech was very clipped and seemed rushed. But I loved the book.
Virginia At first I found the rather clipped speech unusual, but then realized it was a good representation of the characters formality - so it worked for me.
linda bivens Have given up on the audio version, far too fast for me and very little annunciation. Hope they don’t use him again. I love audio books so hope they have it redone with another narrator
Ruth The monotone narration is really bothering me. About ready to give it up, but I love Ann Cleeves' books, so I'll keep going, I guess.
Barbara White-thomson I too had to slow the speed down. I was not crazy about the narration, but by the end I got used to It and liked the story and the characters.
Sherri Yes, I agree that he is terrible. It's not that he's too fast nor his enunciation, but everything is in a gray monotone. It's dull and boring. I gave it a good try; actually tried twice with a month in between times. Finally I shelved it. I just couldn't stick with it.
B Cain I agree. I'm thinking of waiting for the ebook at my library instead of trying to adjust to this annoying narrator. I hope they don't use him again.
Beth Agreed! If they use the same narrator for the second book I will have to read it instead. I did finally get used to him and was able to finish listening to the book.
Fran I wasn't crazy about the narrator too, finding him rather monotonous and lacking in emotion.
Storm Reads I wasn't impressed with the narrator either.
Jenny Yes! The weird way he paused after every sentence was so weird and annoying
Medhansu Just wrote my review where my main gripe was the narration! The guy seemed to go too deep into accents to try and make it authentic perhaps, but at various points it was well nigh incomprehensible.
Bryan Hallett Not sure which narrator you have been listening too, but as a Brit, I didn't find the narrator I listened to difficult to understand. I was more annoyed by his inability to reproduce the north Devon accent, which many of the characters were supposed to be speaking in. Mostly, to my ears, he was employing a Bristolian accent - and as someone born in Somerset, I am well aware of the difference. The story, on the other hand, is pretty good, and I can forgive the narration...
Susan I liked the narrator - though I can se where some would find the speed up at the end of every sentence annoying - but I found I got used to it and caught up in a great story and some great characters.
Gillian Manson I mostly listen to audiobooks and this book is on my Reserve at the Library. Now I am scared to listen!!!!! But I will post my opinion once I get it. Thanks for your post.
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