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Karen Thomsen asked:

Wondering how appropriate this book might be for a 13 and 15 year old? Flea is doing a tour close to us and my kids are both musicians and fans, but can't find any info about the book. The title makes it not sound so appropriate. My kids are not super sheltered but would love some guidance from people who have read the book. Thanks!

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Emma S. I think flea says it best himself....

"No explicit art ever hurt me"

This book is marvelous, and shows a real insight into what life is like being Flea. I think that to deprive someone of this story based on something like "inappropriate" language is a tragedy.
Chris I at first would say it is fine for children but I just read the part where he literally gives step by step instructions on how to inject cocaine via syringe into your arm. Therefore I would say no.
Lori Reed There is explicit talk about drug use and getting putting cocaine on his d!@$ for a blowjob. The drive thru people at Chik-fil-a enjoyed hearing that part of the book before I could turn it off. And pages upon pages of talking about masturbation.

The overall message is positive and he encourages people to not use drugs. I would let my kids read/listen but this is a highly personal decision as a parent and depends on your family.

If your kids are fans of Flea and RHCP they will enjoy it and it opens the door for some good conversation.
Jennifer I would consider maybe reading or listening to this book with your children. There is a lot of drug use, and some of it talked about like it's a wonderful feeling. So I think if you listened to it together you could talk about some of those heavy topics.
Seth I just got done reading an ARC. It goes into heavy topics as Adam says. But there is nothing explicit/graphic. He does talk about being a shoplifter, drug user, and being raised in a dysfunctional family. I think a 15 y/o could handle it but I am not sure about the 13 y/o. You should read it before you decide.
J The love of music and following it to the exclusion of aught else is what makes this book wonderful. It tells what it's like to find what inspires you and helps you find meaning in a world that can really suck. He's upbeat and positive and has fleshed out his learning from every corner of his life, the terribly messy and the wondrously elated, and the search for your own highest and greatest good. As someone else mentioned, it would be good to explore these "heavy topics" together. I know nobody prepared me for dealing with a lot of life's tricky corners and following my own inner compass.
Chris its not.
not at all
has me wanting to do drugs again.
Adam Cormier i haven't read this book, but did read the Anthony Kiedis Biography. He spoke openly about drug addiction, homelessness, depression, etc. What I would consider 'heavy' topics. I expect the same from Flea's book. I would suggest pre-reading the book yourself so that you can have an informed discussion with your kids if you choose to let them read it. You know your own kids best and what they can handle. So I leave the ball in your court if they are 'ready' for books that discuss those types of topics. Hope this was helpful to you in your decision.
Greg Karen, IF a 13 or 15 year old wants to read this book, they PROBABLY will. IF you or anyone says "No, you can't read that.." then they ABSOLUTELY will. Let them make the decision. (The sex isn't graphic at all, and if anything the drug use here isn't pleasant. The theme of accepting everyone as they are and accessing art in all forms are basic premises of this book, imo.)
Tiina Susanna Maybe rather 15 to 18 than 13.
Depending on your kids
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