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Is this book as dazzling as the movie starring Penelope Cruz?

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Rahee Mapara The book is far far better than the movie!! Nicolas Cage does not fit the role at all in my opinion, and the film just can't capture the full story at all.
Gemma Is any movie ever any better than the book? as a person who always tries to read the book before the movie and then of course i don't often end up seeing the movie when in the cinemas..... this book if one of my top ten books of my life so far.... have just read it for the second time and it is even better 18 yrs later. the movie pales into insignificance and was such a great disappointment and even had a different ending really... not like the book - alla typical crass hollywood style . nickolas cage did not fit the characterisation in the book at all. maybe Mastroianni could have done a good job if still alive but one needed an Italian actor and cage is american italian.
Tanmay Tikekar The movie does NOT do justice to the book, it's like condensing all three LOTR books into one movie...
The book is so much more elaborate, so the conclusions seem much more natural and fitting than in the movie...
Billie Pangalos This book is far more dazzling than any actress regardless of how lovely. Beautifully written. Beautiful story. Difficult to read the atrocities of WWII certainly but the author is an amazing storyteller. I plan to watch the movie again after reading the book...I think it will be a different experience.
Pippin There is a lot more story in the book than could be squeezed into a 2 hour movie. The story was also adapted somewhat for the movie. Is it dazzling? The setting is certainly dazzling and I found the characters rich and unusual. It is a terrific novel - just not 'great' as in a classic which will still be being read in 50 years.
Caroline Jayson No, it's boring.
George Better, as there is no Nicolas Cage in it
Dhwani Swadia I was extremely disappointed by the movie....it only focuses on romance.
Winifred The book was far superior to the film. To be fair it would be impossible to do justice to this amazing and beautifully written book in a film. It just couldn't capture the humour or the horror and tragedy and to add insult to injury they changed the ending too. That's Hollywood for you. Although the scenery was beautiful the casting left a lot to be desired. Penelope Cruz & John Hurt were great but Nicholas Cage of all people. Definitely not Captain Corelli.
Πέτρος Παπαγεωργίου The book is far better than the film.. but isn't that the case 99 times out of a 100?
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