Pravin asked:

Did anyone find Mr. Follett's portrayal of JFK as adulterer as offensive?

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Jen I agree with Sarah, I think it's quite well known that he really did have a number of affairs. I believe Maria's story is loosely based on the true story of Mimi Alford, a White House intern who had an affair with JFK.
Sarah Anderson He was well known to be an adulterer, so I didn't find it offensive. Follett did take major liberties in how involved JFK became with Maria, but sadly, I don't think it was very far off base.
Craig Schreiber Not at all. The truth often hurts.
Diane Simmons Like it or not, it's based on what we know about JFK! If he was president today, he never would have been allowed to get away with this kind of behavior. It's sad, given the beautiful wife he had.

Susan Grebe I didn't find it the least bit offensive. It's a well-known fact.
David Mcjunkin I think this point illustrates the strength of historical fiction in that it puts a human face on world events and the leaders who made them. You can disagree with the premise of JFKs infidelity but I agree with the others that think it is pretty well documented.
Lacey Carrigan JFK had a reputation for having a hyperactive libido so Ken Follett accurately portrayed him in Edge of Eternity. If anything, he should have shown him moaning and groaning (in pain) more while he moved around the bed because he also had a bad back.
Astrid I agree with Sarah and others here, he was a well known adulterer, so why should that be offensive?
Alasandra Alawine No, it's a well known fact that JFK cheated on his wife with multiple women. Actually I think Follett's portrayal was pretty tame considering what a womanizer JFK was.
Marianne Bowen I did not find it offensive, he had many affairs and the affair being built into the story was fine.
Amy I haven't even read the book yet and I was like: wait a minute, he WAS an adulterer. A proper player, married or not.
Rebecca Sanders It wasn't far off base at all. It is exactly like the story Mimi Alford told of her own affair when she was an intern in the White House.
Kelly I am a big fan of Ken Follett and have read most of his books. But on Edge of Eternity I was a little taken aback by his very one-side portrayal of the american political spectrum. Changed my opinion about him somewhat.
Krissy Carr No, but sad. Thoroughly enjoyed Follette's portrayal of LBJ!
Shanette Cohen
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JanieB JFK's history of adulterous affairs has been so well publicized since his death, that it's no surprise - Not 'offensive' at this point, but just "too much information"
I can't imagine having been his wife!
Amy Walters Not offensive to me--only implausible. My understanding was he was a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. Not a long-term affair type.
Notawordsmith Have read and studied documentaries about JFK and if the American people.also if Americans were made aware of his life they would overcome this Honeymoon period with a morally corrupt President;

He was afraid of civil Rights and the votes he would loose in backing them for chances second term .It took LBJ to chance Civil Rights Legislation on paper I say on paper because the USA still does not practice them.

Doctor "Feel Good' kept the Kennedy team doped up even during the Cuban Crisis and that is a crime against humanity that decisions were made with JFK. Robert high on drugs.

Read "The Last days of Camelot" and as ill

The author of “Once Upon a Secret,” Mimi Alford, had an affair with President John F. Kennedy before she was old enough to vote.
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Angie No, it has become common knowledge that he was involved with many extra marital relationships. I have read many things about his exploits. But it doesn't make me feel any differently about him and what he accomplished as president. I don't believe that Mr. Follett would portray any historical characters incorrectly. He does his homework before he writes. Is it disturbing to think that the President we worshipped as young adults, who was brutally murdered in front of us as children and took with it our innocence? Yes. But he was a man, a man with imperfections. And a man with imperfections can still be great.
Max de Freitas We already knew that JFK was an adulterer. The truth was offensive enough.
judy clegg I was living in the D.C. area at the time. Kennedy's numerous affairs were common gossip at the time. The character of Maria was an interesting device to drive the plot.
Harold Look-It is no secret that JFK was a lover. Prior to him it was an unspoken rule that the press wouldn't get into it. Did it effect his ability to govern? Not at all. Presidents aren't saints. Unless you are speaking of Saint Ronald (deep sarcasm). What was the name of that Shirelles record? Oh yeah! "Everybody Loves A Lover!!
tracey maher i don't think that its offensive or unnecessary- while its historical fiction, its fiction none the less and if there weren't embellished story lines and plot twists interest would be lost- it would become a history text book.
Gretchen Not offended. Will anyone answer the question why Kennedy never kissed his women during their affairs? Any shrinks out there in Goodreads land?
Andrew Obrigewitsch Not offensive, but unnecessary. I found the part that said MLK was an adulterer and the fact that every single character was an adulterer annoying.
Bonnie Edlbeck
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Ddelmoni I found that part of the story totally unnecessary.
Pravin Ok, but if he is weaving these historical facts with fiction, i am not sure how many of you remember Kristine Killer and Profumo british scandal of the sixties. Why did he exclude this scandal that rocked UK?
Paul There is a story that Jackie once found a brassiere in their bed, and that she said, "Thank you for the thoughtful gift, but it's not my size." I think there is no mystery about JFK and women, although I doubt a porn star ever spanked him with a magazine.
Frances Winslow Not really. Since it was well known that he was a womanizer. Poor Jackie.
Rosita Londoño What I hate, is that he (JFK) did´t want to take a picture with black people (Verena´s Parents) but when not one see him he maid one his misterss, not that i have a problem with black -white ralationship, but i have with a maried person
Tammy Not really. All my life I was lead to believe he was an adulterer.
Paula Coyle He was an adulterer. The fact that he made this out to be just a minor personal foible (as he does with so many others in the story) is what is offensive. I would be more offended if he hid that fact. I did find it odd that Reagan was somehow worse than Nixon. He also seemed to entirely gloss over the evil and complexities of the rise of middle eastern terrorism. And where in the hell is Margaret Thatcher?

However, if JFK were around today the marxist Democrat party would not have him. He would probably be closer to what is a liberal Republican today.
Margo Strawser thaxton No, that's what he was. Read Killing Kennedy to get the real picture.
Adam I have only read a few of the comments, and was not aware of the magnitude of his infidelity. So, as an American, no, not offensive but informative. Thanks GoodReads!
Leatrice Berman I would have found it offensive had he not talked about Kennedy's adultery. Everyone knows he had no morals in that area.
Pat Haber i do find it offensive, not because it portrays his adultery, but because it is oh so staged. it makes me not like the character of Marie.
i can tolerate the other liberties Follett writes about, like working for JFK, or even FDR in previous books, but this somehow is pretty off-putting.
it's just too put on for me.
Peter Hoff Are you kidding, Pravin? I think Follette's portrayal of JFK is generally accurate, based on what we know. A bit slow on Civil Rights, an unknown outcome in Viet Nam, a clumsy and naive anticommunist, a serial womanizer--yet still one of the most active and inspiring American Presidents ever. And his delicate balancing act, combined with Khrushchev's, might well have staved off nuclear destruction.
Janys Carney I actually enjoyed this book. You have to remember it is fiction even though some of it may be based on fact. You have to read the first 2 that lead up to this one.
Cathy Williamson Not at all. It is fiction.
Bert Berry I guess I didn't know that Follett did so in EDGE OF ETERNITY, (perhaps it's further in the book than I have yet reached?)

BUT Bill O'Reilly didn't mince any words in his book "Killing Kennedy" - 'The End of Camelot'
Mark Cahill
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