Monica (is working the heck out of

Is the relationship dynamic between Roarke and Eve bothersome to anyone else, or am I alone in my annoyance?

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Monica (is working the heck out of Thank you!

Most fans are too pie-eyed over Roarke to speak honestly about how much like Edward Cullen and Christian Gray he really is.

His paternal, “Eat what I say, when I say, sleep when I say, dress how I say, take medicine when I say” micro-management makes them swoon and whip out the “he’s a protective alpha taking care of his woman whether she likes it or not” card

And you are spot on about the policework. It used to be that he would lend his tech skills or act as a substitute for Peabody when she asked. Now he gets to decide that she’s too stubborn? female? To do her job independently after dark or in the early hours of the morning? His insistence on playing bodyguard while she’s in the field indicates a serious lack of faith in her abilities as a cop.

Moreover, the Eve I started and kept reading for would definitely “argue” when he got all controlling.

Honestly, if his ego can’t handle a wife who can defend herself against anyone who tries her, then he’s better off with one of those dainty, socialite barbies who’ll hang silently on his arm at parties and meet him in the bedroom at the end of his work days (she’ll be at home, of course) wearing nothing but a smile and bearing a glass of brandy. Ugh.

Also, to answer your question, the same police department that would allow a spouse to suit up for a major takedown of a murderer.

And I’m so, so sick of Roarke going behind Eve’s back and undermining her authority as the head of the team when he decides she needs to be protected. Again, I say, if you don’t trust her to do her job without you there to brandish your illegal weaponry and look tough, then serious conversations need to be had.
Barbara Scutt I love Eve and Roarke's relationship. Both are supporting each other with respect and love. Roarke's care of Eve is because she wears herself out with her single focus on her job. If Eve didn't want Roarke to do something she'd fight tooth and nail.

Also I don't think Eve would be sane if she didn't have Roarke to support her when her memory of her abuse came back.
Lynn They have grown as a couple and depend on each other for more. This is what happens when two independent people come together and find happiness. Eve is still a kick ass detective who has allowed herself to be vulnerable with her husband. It seems to me that they use each other's strengths to balance their weaknesses. Also, I can't imagine Eve falling for a wimp.
Caroline You are not alone! Eve has gone from a kick ass independent detective to needing Roarkes help with every case. What police department would let a spouse come along to crime scenes?
Kathy Really Monica if this is getting to you move on to another author!
It is the author's prerogative how she sets the characters, but it is lucky Eve has Roarke or she would starve herself or else begin to look like a pack of corn chips or a chocolate bar, it seems that is all she'll eat if Roarke doesn't make sure good food is stocked and shown to her.
It's a pity there isn't a Roarke for 'Stephanie Plum', Janet Evanovich's character who spends her food money of Peanut Butter and donuts. None of these character know what food is! And where does Edward Cullen come in? I don't see the comparison, myself!
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