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I want to read the book really bad. I am currently watching the show, but I don't know if reading the book will make me look at the characters differently. Help.

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Sean Sheldon The book and the show have two things in common:

1) There's a dome.
2) Some characters have the same name.

They pretty much destroyed the book with the show. I LOVED this book. Very few stories get so much emotion out of me, but this one definitely did.
Farai Chikwanha This is probably a delayed response, and I hope you decided to read the book, but I'll just give a bit of advice. ALWAYS read the book on which a movie/show is based. It'll always be better. Even if you read the book afterwards (in such cases, your imagination has an easier job as all the characters already have clear faces).

Under the Dome the series was underwhelming, and I would've quit well before the end of season one if it weren't for the fact that it's based on a Stephen King novel. When I picked up the book, I wasn't expecting much because of my experience with the show, but I my expectations were blown out of the water. I felt almost all emotions on the spectrum: fear, rage, confusion, hope, absolute joy, resigned sadness, etc. This book gets a 5 out of 5 from me, and I really hope you enjoy(ed) it too :)
David Mcjunkin I was in the same boat, but I started reading the book because the show started to make less and less sense to me. Timothy is right, the two bear very little resemblance to each other. I think the show started off as a mini series and they decided to expand it into a full multi season series that created a lot of story problems for them. I am really enjoying the book and am hate-watching the show which seems pretty laughable at this point. Don't worry about the characters, they have some of the same names but are not really the same.
Isabel This book was absolutely terrible the show literally has taken a few names of the characters and made up the rest. I would say your wasting your time by reading it.
Timothy I read the book and my wife watches the show. So I've seen a lot of it. The show started off semi-close to the book but as of right now ;- IT'S NOT EVEN IN THE ZIP CODE. I have NO IDEA what the F the show is doing right now. So....... If you still haven't read the book, you might want to avoid it. It will only confuse the hell outta you. : )
Suzette I really don't like the book. It's very slow moving and I prefer the show. I'm finding it to be a very tedious read. After 2 1/2 months, I'm not even half way through the book. I would not recommend it.
Richard Barnes As others say below - read this book, don't worry about it spoiling the show, they are simply stories with the same title and little else in common. I feel like I'm stuck watching the show - it's getting ever more ludicrous but I kind of have to keep going just to find out how they explain it all in the end (and I know it is bound to be seriously dumb..). The book, however, is an absolute cracker. Read it, and enjoy it.
Danny Aguilera I am currently reading the book after I watched the first season of the show and I must say that to me, the book is way better, the characters are better, you will definitely look the characters differently but you will look at them as they were originally brought by the author and how they are meant to be, remember that the book came before.
Robin Hillman I read the book first before the series even started and absolutely loved it. It made me excited to see the series, an enthusiasm that lasted about 1 episode. I gave up after episode 2. They made so many changes to the material in even that short time that I just couldn't stand it. Be prepared if you have watched the series the book will be very different, and vice versa.
Isaiah The book is better in my opinion only cause the book gets more in to detail about somethings. Obviously.
Maria It definitely will. There is just absolutely nothing in common beyond some names and the dome. The book is SO much better! I couldn't even finish the show because I got so confused. Now I don't need to because it has nothing to do with the book.
Jessica I would say that the book would definitely make you look at the characters different, that is if you can figure out who is who. The characters in the book have a much more complex backstory and set of emotions, and lets just say the show toned a lot of the material for the series.
Tim The show starts off alright then gets pretty bad, my opinion is it's probably because the TV writers aren't Stephen King but they're still trying to be. I'd have said read the book first, it's a really good book, but if you've already started the show don't mix the two. Wait a while to read the book.
Wulf The book is great...once you get passed the first three hundred pages, you really won't notice you're at the end until the last sentence. You're really hooked. Stephen King really knows his characters well and I think that's what the TV series is lacking. I personally couldn't last through the first episode because they got so many things wrong and it would have been fine if they did that on purpose, artistically, but it seems like they did most of those things to hook people in. So, the book and the show shouldn't even be in the same category. They should be considered separate. The characters are so vastly different and a lot of people die that don't in the series...I don't want to spoil it for you. Barbie is the one that they messed up the most, honestly. Barbie is like, one of my favorite characters in a book and they beat his personality up completely in the series.

The characters will be looked at completely differently. And I've only seen part of the first episode. And a trailer for the second season...I hope I helped some and it's not too late, hahah.
Rajat Singh Some parts of this comment could be considered as spoilers.

The question has been answered but I feel like adding my two cents as well.
Short answer: Stop watching the show and read the book! The characters will seem much better that way and you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Long answer: I was about half way through the book when I became curious about the show. Started watching it, and was immediately disappointed with the casting. The people who have played some of the more important characters like Dale Barbara, Julia Schumway, Junior and Big Jim were not portrayed by people who were ever going to fully capture the mood of the book. Dean Norris played a good cop in Breaking bad so well that asking him to turn around and play the bad guy was asking too much (I understand that my personal bias here might not be shared by everyone but the character of Rennie required a more sinister face). The only special effect I made my way to was the dome coming down which was fairly interesting to see. The show drifted away from the original plot fast. As soon as I noticed that Rusty Everett and Linda Everett seemed to be on either side of the dome I was done with the show. Continued reading the book and was much happier!
Andrew Davis The book is great, one of King's best IMHO. The show is so far from the book, they are two different stories with the same name.
Elisa Kay For someone to say that the book is terrible is ridiculous!!! The book was written before the series. The series is the one which has strayed far from the events in the book.
Dave Bremer Anyone comparing the show with the book should consider Stephen Kings take on it. http://stephenking.com/promo/utd_on_t...

I'm only 25% through - and really enjoying the book, and the series, as different stories that have vague similarities. I like both in different ways, as King says - like fraternal twins.
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