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Ella Watson asked:

i've heard some bad reviews from friends and the end has been ruined for me :( is it worth the read when you know the outcome?

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Matthew No. If you already know the "big twist" it's not worth slogging through the nonsensical plot to get to it.
Jillian I, too knew the outcome. And YES! Totally worth it. Don't let others dissuade you. BE BRAVE. I have to admit, I didn't want to read the series at first. Because of the reviews. I resisted reading them for the LONGest time. I was being downright stubborn about it! And I love to read! But I own my own business and my free time is precious. So when I do get the rare opportunity to indulge in a novel, I don't want to waste my time on bad literature. So I tend to read reviews before I ever "open the cover," so to speak. I read many, MANY, reviews of these books- probably too many than recommended (or normal), ignoring the Spoiler Warnings. I gave reading it an awful lot of thought... which should have been my first clue, as I dove deeper into the world, without having read a single page. Yet. I should have known then, I was already hooked.

But all those reviews? The conclusion? Everybody LOVED Divergent. Everybody LOVED Insurgent, which was left on such a cliffhanger, that they HAD to read Allegiant.... and that's where the ending was lost on many of the fans. The so-called "loyal" fans, saying that Allegiant ruined the entire series for them. Urging newcomers to read Divergent as a stand-alone and then give up, or in most cases, urging newcomers to not read the books at all. I read such heated, angry, and devastated reader reviews, that I resolved to NEVER read this series. After Mockingjay, I just didn't want to be disappointed in another trilogy, again. :-/

But then my cousin read the series. And then my sister (who NEVER reads anything), read the series. Then my friend (and her mother)… and they all loved the series, and all thought for sure that I would love it, too. So I did something which probably would make every author cringe. I read the entire series summary on Wikipedia. So I knew the basis of the storyline, and I knew the sad ending that everybody hated. But still I resisted.... And THEN....

.... and then. I was going on vacation... and I needed something to read during my travels. As I scrolled through eBooks for sale on my Kindle, there it was again, ever-tempting me. So... I bought the Trilogy. There. Done. No turning back now.

I read couple chapters of Divergent the first day of my vacation, and then, wouldn't you know? I did not have another opportunity to read any further until my flight back home a week later. I read it on the plane, I read it during my layover in Atlanta, and on the final leg into Daytona. I couldn't wait to get home, where I binge-read the rest of the book into the wee hours of the morning. Divergent, done.

I liked it! I loved it, even. But I was expecting to like it. Reviews were unanimous there, so it was no surprise. I began to read Insurgent the next day. It took me a couple days to get through it, in between my work, but still read until past 4am one day to finish it. And there, just where people said it would be, was that dreaded cliffhanger….

I remember thinking it would take a great lot of courage on my part to begin Allegiant. As I mentioned, I had already read the entire plot summary. I had read all of those angry reviews, the ones with the spoiler warnings. I knew basically what would happen in every scene, including the ending. :( All I was missing was the details.

I knew two things. One, I already expected to hate it. And two, I already expected to be sad. I reasoned that, since I already knew those two things, that I couldn't be all let down and disappointed at the end, since I already knew it was coming. So I bit my lip and dug in. I began to read it. And I kept reading it. I read it two days straight until I could barely keep my eyes open. I sobbed my way through the end, and all through the epilogue, (with a mixture of tears and a smile), and then something unexpected happened….

Yes, I was sad. It was sad, yeah. But I did NOT hate it as I had expected to! It was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated, or that all those reviews made it out to be. I was not nearly as disappointed as I thought for sure I would be. It made perfect sense to me.

As I think on all those reviews that had me convinced that my time would be better spent reading something else, ANYthing else… I realize that all those readers most critical about the ending of Allegiant were… pardon me... no better way to say it… young. Young enough to still think life is easy, who still believe every ending must be a happy one. But I know better.. As a grown woman, I know better. Having experienced life a bit more. Having experienced true love… and true loss.

Yes, it was sad, the ending. But I was satisfied. I thought, "Of course! This had to happen!" I felt that, to have kept true to the characters... there was no other logical way for it to end. Any other way, would have been a cop out - a lame attempt to get readers to like her. And am I ever impressed that she didn't fall into that trap! Bravo, Veronica!

There was no other way for it to end. And I realized... I've known it all along. Not from reading the summaries and reviews, but from those details between the lines, the hints which had been whispering to me from the very beginning. It was brilliant! Tragic and brilliant. A tragic and brilliant ending… and so very real. I have never been so thankful to have been proven wrong.

I hope this helps other readers who are on the fence about whether to read the series. I say again, BE BRAVE!
Emily Allegiant ruined the entire series for me. I read Divergent and fell in love with the series, and Insurgent was alright and Allegiant was terrible. I think it was a rushed ending, with a lousy plot, and a terrible way to end a series.
Mez If you know the ending, just don't bother. I think the book is highly over rated and is only read as much as it is because the movies made the books more popular. The plot twist isn't even that great. It is pretty much the concept that the universe has been created for the sole purpose of experimenting but on a much smaller scale. The idea that there are genetically pure and damaged people is just another stupid abstraction that leads to yet another form of discrimination. It's all been done before.
I will praise the day when I find a book that is like no other and is completely unique in all aspects.
I don't regret reading the books but it's just not going to be fun if you know the story already.
Cora The ending sucks. If you ship Four and Tris then DO NOT READ THE ENDING. Just pretend everything ending alright. Stop at chapter 48. No farther than that. Fair warning. It's just sad.

It made me want to punch Veronica Roth in the teeth. I must be Dauntless, then. :)
Corina Rose I know this is years old, but I recommend to everyone to read Allegiant. I am not sure why it is getting so much hate. I did enjoy the other books a little more, but Allegiant was still very good!
Christian Maulsby
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Tarien Van Der Walt Hey.
I too knew the outcome. You have to read it since it's...almost indescribable. Spectacular! Outstanding! Amazing! Extraordinary! These are only a few words to describe the last book of Veronica Roth's trilogy. Even though it breaks your heart to know the end it's still worth reading.
Cam Great book series, I am currently reading Allegiant, and I would still read it even though I know the turnout.
Brian Jillian, well said. I am only part way through Allegiant and know the ending as well but am still wanting to keep reading. I too am an adult with three kids and am loving this series. I was never a reader until my wife got me to read The Hunger Games before the movie came out. I am now into The Divergent series and an loving it too. Keep r re adding it and yes go in order. In fact I read Divergent after seeing the movie in order to then read Insurgent before the movie came out. I wanted to see how the writing dealt with the story since movies differ somewhat from the book.

Nut shell - read them in order and do read them
Lourdes No, because you already know the outcome it ruins evrything.
Erin Wassmuth If you have read the other two books and liked them, I would say read the book. The plot and writing are just as good as in Divergent and Insurgent, and you can stop at any time during the book if you decide to.
Lex I myself, got bored and read the end. I was super sad I read it. Although I decided to continue reading the book and now it is one of my alltime favourites!
Shania NO NO NO IT ISN'T. believe me, i tried. I read the #3 before #2. and i didn't really want to read the #2. but i did
Haleigh M Of course it is worth it! I know what happens too and I have barely started it. It feels good to be able to say you've read that book if anyone asks🙂
Giulia Sorry, late reply and by now you can tell us what you thought about Allegiant as you probably have read it.
My advice would be to stop at Divergent or Insurgent maximum (at least that's the advice I gave to my younger daughter. Myself and my older daughter are scarred from Allegiant and can't do anything about that now, but you can still save yourself).
I read many bad books, but Allegiant is the only one that I wished I did not read and not only for the ending. The entire book is nonsense, the plot is very confused, it does not even seem like the same author. Even the two main characters don't even seem and act like themselves. At some point I wished Katniss Everdeen could pop in the book to tell Tris to snap out of it!!!
Starrisa Hi, my answer is quite late but...i have yet to read the series either :( I know many people think Divergent and Insurgent are really great, just that Allegiant has that horrible ending(i bet if the ending was changed and the plot twist didn't occur, the book would have been a blast) so yeah i didn't read the book. (But then i'm the type of person who cries just by READING the blurb-which includes Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire(I kind of have a misunderstanding there when i first read the blurb but i won't spoil it for you) and i'm also the type of person who sinks into depression after a book series ends *ahem Twilight ahem*I'm like a hundred percent sure i'll fall in love with the series and get killed when the plot twist occurs :'( So nope, i'm not reading it. Hope this helps(though i can't see how xD)!! Have you read the book?(since it's been two years and all)
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Aly I looked at the ending of the book before i read it but it was still worth it. I mean it is a really good book in my opinon despite the fact of the spoilers you have to read it
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